Welcome to The Beat's "Sweetest 16 Band Name Bracket" - Round 3, The Final 4!

An electric Elite 8 has given way to a Fabulous Final Four, as voting has determined the last four bands standing in The Beat's "Sweetest 16 Band Name Bracket."

Yet another No. 1 seed fell by the wayside, as, in the closest vote yet in the competition, Squirrel Nut Zippers topped We Were Promised Jetpacks by a single vote in our "Offbeat" Bracket. (And you thought your vote didn't matter…)

"Death" Bracket top seed Five Finger Death Punch knocked out Death Cab for Cutie 56-44 percent, and is now the lone No. 1 seed remaining in the bracket.

The "The" Bracket continued to confound, as, apparently, if CAPA's Rich Corsi is to be believed, The Beat's strong Canadian readership came through for The Tragically Hip in its matchup with Toad the Wet Sprocket. The final was 53-47 percent.

And capping the action was yet another massive showing by the bracket's lone local act, with Lt. Dan's New Legs outrunning Gym Class Heroes 71-29 percent in the "Dance" Bracket.

See the bracket image on this page for full results.


For those new to the tournament, voting is ostensibly on band name only, not on for their music – but we really can't stop you from using whatever criteria you like, can we?

And we realize the list is far from comprehensive. The 16-band bracket was compiled with the help of our Critic Cronies and the ThisWeek Community Newspapers newsroom, but in the end, The Beat is responsible. Feel free to use the comment feature here or "Like" The Beat on Facebook at www.facebook.com/TWTheBeat to provide additional feedback.

Final Four voting opens March 23 and continues through March 28, with Championship Round voting held March 29-April 2. We will post the winner Tuesday, April 3, the day after the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Game.

Let's take a look at the matchups. Five Finger Death Punch vs. Lt Dan's New Legs

Five Finger Death Punch has used the martial arts maneuver for which it is named to take out its first two opponents, but dropped 10 percentage points in margin of victory from Round 1 to Round 2. That the L.A. quintet is a metal band probably surprises no one. It probably evokes the kind of response the band was looking for in a name, and is perhaps a metaphor for the aural assault of its music. Rock radio fans and Madden '12 players should recognize The Bleeding and Back for More.

Building on its Round 1 upset of Fine Young Cannibals, the sole local act in our bracket, Lt. Dan's New Legs ran Gym Class Heroes out of the building in Round 2, setting up a very interesting Final Four matchup on this side of the bracket. Taking its name from the 1994 Tom Hanks film Forrest Gump, LDNL's is a great party-and-dance band whose set includes covers of modern and classic hip-hop and R&B tunes, with a smattering of original material like Dats Wat It Is. The sextet's reach has extended beyond central Ohio and indeed beyond the state's borders, but still calls Columbus home.

Squirrel Nut Zippers vs. The Tragically Hip

A popular choice with our expert bracketologists Marissa Luther (who picked them to win it all) and Rich Corsi (who had them in his final four), Squirrel Nut Zippers earned a spot in the Final Four with the narrowest of wins after scoring a convincing first-round win. SNZ broke during the swing revival of the 90s, but in truth the collective plied its trade in a fusion of roots music from around the world, including klezmer, gypsy-jazz and folk-blues - not to mention post-WWII backwoods country. Indeed, the North Carolina-based SNZ took its name from a form of moonshine called "nut zipper" and a newspaper headline about a drunken man who climbed a tree.

Leaked reports from The Beat's selection committee confirm that The Tragically Hip was the last band to qualify for the field of 16, making their run even more impressive (perhaps a mane change to Magically Hip is in order…). Known in Canada, where the band dominated the mainstream rock scene during the 90s and into the 00s, as simply The Hip, the band is sort of the musical version of other such cultural anomalies like poutine and curling. But make no mistake, this is catchy pop-rock of the highest order, alongside Counting Crows or The Smithereens.