Welcome to The Beat's "Sweetest 16 Band Name Bracket"!

Welcome to The Beat's "Sweetest 16 Band Name Bracket"!

EDITOR"S NOTE: We have advanced to the Final Four. Click here to be taken to that page and vote to see who will match up head-to-head top determine the best band name!

Over the next three weeks, you, fair readers and Critic Cronies alike, will decide which band name is the best, based on the bracket above.

The criteria are pretty subjective. While we were soliciting names for the list, we received recommendations for cool names, odd names, clever names, goofy names… you name it (haha). Ideally, the choice would be made simply between the names of the bands, and not your preference for their music – but we really can't stop you from using whatever criteria you like, can we?

And we realize the list is far from comprehensive. See the list of suggested band names that did not make the cut. We are sure there are many others. The 16-band bracket was compiled with the help of our Critic Cronies and the ThisWeek Community Newspapers newsroom, but in the end, The Beat is responsible. (Although, to show that we didn't totally get our own way, we left out The Gaslight Anthem, which we think is a really cool name, but apparently didn't meet the kooky or clever threshold for some of our committee.)

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Round One voting begins Monday, March 12 and continues through Sunday, March 18.

Round Two voting runs March 19-22. Final Four voting runs March 23-28, with Championship Round voting held March 29-April 2. We will post the winner Tuesday, April 3, the day after the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Game.

So, let's get started…