Which area of Franklin County has the hottest real estate market right now? How much did that house sell for down the street? How much are homes in your community compared to homes across town?

Which area of Franklin County has the hottest real estate market right now? How much did that house sell for down the street? How much are homes in your community compared to homes across town?

You'll find the answers to those questions in ThisWeek's exclusive Top 100 Real Estate Deals This Week. This list picks out 100 of the area's home and condominium transactions for a given week. All sales occurred within the ThisWeek circulation area.

Listed here is the address of the property sold, the buyer's name and the sale price for the week of 9/27/12. All information is provided by CompuName of Westerville.

1240 Stone Trail Dr; Robert L. Woods, Manju E. Woods; $397,214.
6675 Clark State Rd; Jason P. Goss, Barbara Goss; $340,000.
1874 Reynoldsburg New Albany Rd; Peggy J. Casagrande; $325,000.

6895 Ballantrae Pl; David W. Berson, Anne M. Bradley; $640,000.
7825 Silver Rose Ct; Phyllis Chen, Ivan Santoso, trs.; $527,000.
5971 Hathaway Ave; Neil G. Lin, Ziyue Chen; $265,000.
4370 Limerick Ln; Jason T. Overbey; $437,000.
7049 Willow Run Dr; Rodney A. Holaday, Jennifer L. Holaday; $415,900.
5820 Whitecraigs Court; Christopher A. Myszkowski, Lindsey P. Myszkowski; $347,900.
8411 Davington Dr; John D. VonCannon, Lori VonCannon; $343,000.

6134 Baumeister Dr; Daniel R. Pollock, Teresa B. Pollock; $358,032.
6471 Shadewater Dr; Bryan D. Dinges, Julie A. Dinges; $345,655.
3554 Boathouse Dr; Justin W. Lahmers, Amy K. Lahmers; $289,000.

Lewis Center
2557 McCumber Lane; Hope B. Brick, Scot Brick; $579,900.
3421 Abbey Knoll; Scott Riemenschneider, Bethany Riemenschneider; $440,000.
7408 Norma Court; John Peter Valiulis, Gannon Valiulis; $436,500.
141 Little Bear Loop; Dhanaseelan Kahmuthu, Midojhini Kahmuthu; $363,800.

New Albany
6984 Lambton Park Rd; Lynnda M. Davis, Trustee; $895,000.
3973 Farber Ct; James J. Harris, Josephine H. Harris; $710,000.
3627 N Drayton Hall; John L. Hays; $516,000.
4428 Olmstead Rd; Samuel T. Olson, Melissa J. Olson; $499,900.
8272 Camile Rd; Brian C. Schultz, Christina A. Schultz; $337,000.

9109 Creighton Dr; J. Jason Cluck, Kimberly R. Cluck; $544,000.
1505 Briarcliff Dr; Joydeep Roychowdhury, Sandee P. Roychowdhury; $465,000.
10207 Abbotts Way; Charles H. McCreary, Constance S. McCreary; $438,000.
3194 Winding Woods Dr; Seth Samuels, Jessica Samuels; $435,400.
7993 Coldwater Dr; Debra Paolo-Hohman; $400,000.
256 Briarbend Blvd; Charles G. Gerhold, Christa D. Gerhold; $309,900.

7319 Kenmare Dr; Rhea J. Cofer; $126,000.
6506 Rosedale Ave; Gary Smith, Judy A. Smith; $124,000.

7179 Hollandia Dr; Christopher T. Curry, Therese M. Curry; $209,900.
555 S Spring Rd; Riley B. Lawson, Shara R. Lawson; $194,000.
6187 Witherspoon Way; Sarah E. Meyer, Tracy L. Bennett; $185,430.
8921 Robinhood Circle; Amy Rachelle Hazel; $544,450.
6478 Westley Way; James A. Sullivan, Jean E. Sullivan; $469,900.
6224 Spring Run Dr; James W. Friedel, Brenda L. Friedel; $445,000.
5766 Medallion Dr West; Russell J. Taylor, Barbara J. Taylor; $425,000.
6868 Meadow Glen Dr; Gregory D. Marks, Catherine M. Marks; $422,900.
7626 Lanetta Lane; Kimberly A. Wiley; $422,000.
6442 Bromfield Dr; David Madison, Tera Madison; $357,193.
6776 Lake Trail Dr; Marc Heitzman, Debra Heitzman; $355,000.
4663 Alston Grove Dr; Jack S. Moskowitz, Marla J. Moskowitz; $346,000.
4735 Medalist Court; David P. Beaumont, Kimberly R. Beaumont; $320,482.

671 Andover St; Lance E. Keeney, Katherine A. Keeney; $478,500.
1033 Woodman Dr; Christopher G. Shaheen, Claire S. Shaheen; $299,900.
472 Park Blvd; Kellie K. Chambers; $202,750.

Canal Winchester
7158 Rosemount Way; Richard P. Koons, Nancy A. Koons; $214,000.
4615 Sitterley Rd; Christia J. Reed; $189,000.
7564 Walnut Dr; M & T Bank; $164,000.
6907 Storm Boat Ln; Wilson Bradley, III, Stacey Ann T. Bradley; $136,750.

524 Thorngate Ct; Robert K. Price, Jane M. Price; $126,100.
8890 Stillwater Dr; Kristine L. Shepherd; $125,000.

Grove City
1363 Pinnacle Club Dr; Elaine M. Reardon; $239,000.
4400 Orangeberry Dr; Kenneth D. Oberst; $234,719.
4425 Orangeberry Dr; Richard A. Bennett; $232,760.
5236 S Big Run Rd; Fedir Matyuk, Aleksandr Matyuk; $210,000.

4839 Dorchester St; Marvin A. Stevens; $187,895.

8470 Morgan St; Fannie Mae; $305,548.
8803 Terrace Ridge Ln; Bank of America NA; $275,000.
672 Brighton St; Angela R. Stevenson, Eric Stevenson; $237,906.
903 Carron Circle; Alan K. Luich; $210,000.

Clintonville/North University
347 E Kelso Rd; Nicholas A. Smith, Kathryn M. Smith, Trustee; $230,000.
2657 Summit St; Donald L. Burton, Susan M. Burton; $201,000.

German Village
734 S Fifth St; Richard A. Killworth, Sharon R. Killworth; $348,000.
239 E Beck St, Unit B; Fannie Mae; $180,000.

Bexley/E. Columbus
270 S Dawson Ave; Timothy G. Pitts, Ashley Pitts; $515,000.
2635 E Broad St; Stuart J. Willner, Colleen D. Willner, Trustees; $455,000.
789 Vernon Rd; Kevin A. Malphurs, Mary A. Malphurs; $234,500.

1278 W First Ave; Matthew P. Bierlein, Jennifer L. Bierlein; $432,500.
925 Timberman Rd; Aaron C. Morris, Megan Michelle Morris; $281,000.
1289 Elmwood Ave; Tracy L. Kessler; $259,900.

Whitehall/E. Columbus
333 Indian Mound Rd; Howard C. Larky; $310,000.
667 Bellamy Pl; Randell Skidmore, Vicki Skidmore; $160,000.

181 Amazon Pl; Michael Marlowe, Kristen R. Marlowe; $375,000.
470 Village Dr; Joseph F. Cusato, Susan H. Cusato; $308,750.
35 Webster Park Ave; Amanda R. Hoyt, Brue M. Hoyt; $298,000.

Arlington/NW Columbus (N. of Fishinger)
3757 Surrey Hill Pl; Jay Alexander, Julie Alexander; $748,781.
1240 Brittany Ln; Avtar Singh, Rajwant Kaur; $670,000.
2764 River Park Dr; LNV Corp.; $340,000.
4994 Henderson Heights Rd; Sameul P. Pino, Lisa A. Pino; $320,000.
4242 Gavin Ln; James A. Carlson; $310,000.

Upper Arlington
2005 Waltham Rd; Regina R. Ormond, Donald E. Montgomery; $575,000.
4200 Dublin Rd; Sami M. Faour, Doha Faour; $450,000.
1686 Andover Rd; Charles Mackey, Alyson Mackey; $407,264.
1300 Stoneygate Ln; Brian R. Moore, Kathy W. Moore; $369,500.
1688 Grenoble Rd; Craig A. Clark, Catherine M. Clark; $345,000.
1943 W Lane Ave; Nicole M. Cicak, Ryan C. Cicak; $316,000.
2693 Chester Rd; Stephen H. Huber, Jr., Ashley F. Huber; $299,900.
2015 Inchcliff Rd; Maureen E. Koblentz; $293,500.
3316 Kirkham Rd; LeAnne Ringer; $275,000.

Northland (S. of Morse)
2748 W Kensington Pl; Matthew T. McCready, Shelly A. McCready; $140,000.

Northland (N. of Morse)
1328 Ironwood Dr; Chandra Gajmer, Deo Gajmer; $114,000.

859 Venetian Way; Mei M. Luc; $205,000.
356 Carpenter Rd; Ross A. Hartley, Michelle L. Hartley; $200,000.
5710 Sovereign St; Scott M. Harmon, Elizabeth M. Harmon; $174,500.
371 Worman Dr; James H. Lancour, Jennifer L. Findsen; $174,000.
620 Codrington Cir; Christopher A. Gyke, Tara L. Gyke; $156,900.

Northland/Minerva Park
3237 Minerva Lake Rd; David Michael Goggin; $145,000.
4446 Berthstone Dr; Fannie Mae; $104,000.

Worthington West
7656 Cloister Dr; Scot P. Hawthorne, Jennifer L. Hawthorne; $460,000.
6645 Merwin Rd; Patrick Michael Quinn, Katherine Brunner Quinn; $315,000.