Which area of Delaware County has the most active real estate market?

Which area of Delaware County has the most active real estate market?

In ThisWeek's exclusive list of the area's Top 25 Real Estate Deals ThisWeek, you will find a sampling of home and condominium transactions that were completed during a given week.

Listed is the address of the property sold, the buyer's name and the sale price for the week of 10/4/2012. All information is provided by CompuName of Westerville, 891-7373.

6065 Lane Rd; Patrick J. Geizer, Jamie L. Cunningham; $475,068.

6710 Fall Brook Trail; Dale H. McComb Jr., Robyn R. McComb; $433,883.
233 Coal Bend; Joydeep Gupta; $394,016.
6692 Silverton Ln; Nandakumar Balakrishnan, Gomathi Nandakumar; $348,660.

5260 Summer Ridge Ln; Philip H. Scott, Patricia B. Scott; $525,000.
10780 Keller Pines Court; Cheryl L. Smith, James E. Smith; $483,614.
5753 Aster Way; Jeffrey T. Adair, Christine L. Adair; $422,000.
1610 Adlington Dr; Adam Robert, Kathy Ann Kunselman; $387,566.

Lewis Center
2917 Laura Place; Christopher M. Masciola, Randee L. Masoiola; $443,000.
2903 Waukeegan Ave; Kirk J. Right, Jody P. Right; $370,000.
6297 Buckman St; David M. Larrison, Jennifer L. Larrison; $365,000.
7903 Norma Court; Troy P. Dersom, Erinn L. Dersom; $339,000.

4953 Sheffield Ave; Robert R. Ouellette; $547,500.
2480 Woodland Glen Dr; Scott Allen Wilkie, Lora Jane Wilkie; $485,600.
9478 Creighton Dr; Tracy S. Pitt, Sunny E. Pitt; $450,000.
2346 Clairborne Dr; Patrick J. Milligan, Heather A. Milligan; $356,000.
266 Weatherburn Dr; Michael A. St.Pierre, Molly A. St.Pierre; $355,000.

990 Northstar Drive; Dennis R. Hardesty, Karen L. Hardesty; $290,000.
212 Butterfly Dr; Molly E. Mays, Matthew F. Myers; $185,500.

6954 Pine Valley Ln; Joseph Hippler, Sherry Hippler; $655,000.
6923 Pine Valley Lane; Terrence E. Kramer; $477,000.
6492 Wesley Way; Allen W. Singer, Elizabeth L. Singer; $420,833.

7041 Jennifer Ann Dr; Paul Cooke, Trudy D. Cooke; $439,500.
9025 Colonial Commons Dr; Venkata Rama, Prakash Katta; $197,000.
1089 Pebble Brook Dr; Shahzeb Mendi; $171,000.