The 2011 Piazzano Ventoso is a bargain at $10 a bottle.

With the economic challenges of Western Europe, we are witnessing a great deal of price adjustments on that region's wines.

A good example of that is the 2011 Piazzano Ventoso, which is now on sale for $10 a bottle.

This smart red, a blend of traditional Tuscan grapes, has fresh flavors and a snappy finish. It does not meet the strict rules for the legendary Chiantis of the region, but it did meet my desire for an aromatic, dry red with notes of wood, sherry and flowers.

And it's amazingly food-friendly. This wine would be perfect with red- or cream-sauced pastas or whole roasted chicken or beef.

I am hard-pressed to find a red that gives such value, especially from such a celebrated area.

If your favorite wine place doesn't have it, ask the manager to contact Vintner Select in Cincinnati.

Roger Gentile is the owner of Gentile's, the Wine Sellers – – and the author of two books on wine.