Which area of Franklin County has the hottest real estate market right now? How much did that house sell for down the street? How much are homes in your community compared to homes across town?

Which area of Franklin County has the hottest real estate market right now? How much did that house sell for down the street? How much are homes in your community compared to homes across town?

You'll find the answers to those questions in ThisWeek's exclusive Top 100 Real Estate Deals This Week. This list picks out 100 of the area's home and condominium transactions for a given week. All sales occurred within the ThisWeek circulation area.

Listed here is the address of the property sold, the buyer's name and the sale price for the week of 11/22/12. All information is provided by CompuName of Westerville.

2930 Clark State Crossing; Mark McDevitt, Jennifer McDevitt; $416,588.?1482 Stewart Pl; Ira Ives, Phyllis E. Ives; $398,000.?651 Thornbush Dr; Tori L. Walker; $162,793.??

4365 Beech Wood Loop; Nicholas M. Varveris, Maria Varveris; $578,021.?5864 Trafalgar Ln; Vincent T. Lyles, Shirley L. Lyles; $370,398.?6550 Camden Row Rd; Paul C. Martin, Jennifer E. Martin; $350,000.?6910 Roundwood Ct; Jay Wellman, Stacey Wellman; $314,900.?6732 Brodie Blvd; Scott D. Geringer, Allyson M. Geringer; $670,000.?9840 MacDonald Dr; Douglas S. McCormack, Kathleen M. McCormack; $500,000.?7648 W Kestrel Way; Joseph P. Dobler, Holly Dobler; $360,000.?5969 Dunabbey Loop; Terry L. Thomas; $248,250.??

6158 Baumeister Dr; Brian J. Seskes, Brandi R. Laser Seskes; $338,085.?5598 Westbriar Dr; Nathan L. McDaniel, Nicole A. McDaniel; $221,000.?2993 Collier Ct; James Alan Coutinho, Andrea Coutinho; $216,400.?4634 Trademark Trail; Elizabeth A. Londergan; $212,900.?4638 Stoneworth Dr; Joseph Bridges, II, Amie Bridges; $195,450.??

Lewis Center
1707 Summersweet Circle; Ahtasham Ashraf, Seena Mudassir; $286,500.?3924 Rivers Run Dr; Liberty Savings Bank; $200,000.?2148 Aurora Ave; Dyan L. Trent; $188,000.??

New Albany?
4597 Neiswander Sq; Pamela Renee Hashem, Dwayne K. Siekman, Jr.; $578,000.?3574 Head of Pond Rd; Aaron Underhill, Sarah Underhill; $462,500.?5425 Welbourne Pl; Nancy Coninx; $300,335.

2028 Jewett Rd; Michael L. Biagi, Michelle R. Biagi; $487,500.?660 Broadsworth Ct; Charles W. Kinkopf, Wendy Kinkopf; $425,000.?4691 Greyson Dr; William E. Morrison Jr., Elizabeth Morrison; $365,042.?8175 Hillingdon Dr; Jeffrey L. Suver, Coral A. Suver; $301,000.?2125 Carriage Rd; Nichole H. Cox, Brian N. Cox; $292,000.?219 Briarbend Blvd; James A. Downhawer, Renee J. Downhawer; $275,000.?4623 Cherry Glen Dr; Jill A. George; $274,000.?9100 Courtside Ln; George G. Vargo, Marianne Vargo; $260,860.??

6543 Red Fox Rd; Corey D. Glasgow, Abigail C. Glasgow; $100,500.??Westerville?5975 Shreven Dr; Alan R. Eggleston, Paula K. Eggleston; $204,230.?771 Silverleaf Oak Ct; Matthew T. Buelow, Charlotte D. Buelow; $203,500.?5882 Nash Ave; Lisa K. Schmitter; $200,000.?142 Nicole Dr; Chris Bobb, Stacey Siak; $196,000.?649 N Old Coach Rd; Peter J. Armstrong, Sue E. Armstrong; $185,000.?5097 Hoovergate Ln; Mary L. Hage, tr.; $1,275,000.?7527 Rolling Ridge Way; Andrew M. Habing, Jaime M. Habing; $279,900.?657 Mallard Dr; Russell S. Adams, Kelly S. Adams; $279,900.?580 High Timber Dr; Ryan C. Winkler, Vanessa N. Winkler; $275,000.?413 Canterbury Court; John G. Imm III, Melissa L. Imm; $256,400.?677 Big Rock Dr; Justin P. Wolenberg, Julia E. Wolenberg; $230,000.??

32 E Riverglen Dr; Heather E. Mann; $382,000.?181 E New England Ave; Drew W. Boyer, Johanna M. Penn; $360,000.?6605 Masefield St; Keith B. Wheeler, Leah Wheeler; $295,000.??

Canal Winchester?
11506 Cedar Creek DrNW; Jeffrey D. Brackett; $292,000.?8173 Long Rd; Renee C. Klautky; $289,000.?45 N Trine St; Marvin D. Staley; $224,900.??

8606 Army Pl; Brett D. Schneider; $164,000.?384 Mogul Dr; Danilo De La Cruz, Nadia De Jesus Munoz; $147,696.

??Grove City?
2191 Twin Flower Circle; Joshua A. Grabill, Katherine E. Grabill; $365,956.?1373 Fairway Dr; Stephen D. Fairs, Heather M. Fairs; $284,313.?5960 Buckeye Pkwy; Ronald L. French, Jr., Sandra L. French; $188,250.?485 Hennigan's Grove; Gabriel Skunza; $160,000.??

4855 Dorchester St; Zaridania Carmona, Alpha Tongor; $189,990.??

13933 Bainwick Dr NW; Christopher B. Myers, Amy B. Myers; $297,000.?602 Preston Trails Dr; Jacqueline M. Morrison; $245,208.?177 Fox Glen Dr East; Donald O. Cruden III; $228,000.?8520 Chateau Dr; Justin Coolbaugh; $227,000.?224 Evergreen Ct; Richard R. Gallegos; $216,315.?253 Beechnut St; Patrice J. Cunn; $187,000.?410 Flat River St; Jacqueline Gire; $175,900.?450 Rambling Brook Dr; Travis Tucker; $170,000.??

Clintonville/North University?
442 Midgard Rd; Arved M. Ashby; $225,000.?209 E Pacemont Rd; William R. Ainsworth, Joyce G. Ainsworth; $172,900.

??German Village?
536 S Fifth St; Keri A. Montgomery; $228,500.?150 E Whittier St; Brian S. Artz; $154,900.

??Bexley/E. Columbus?
865 S Roosevelt Ave; Alfred G. Stokes, Raven Renee Stokes; $234,000.?284 N Cassady Ave; Christina M. Hedges; $170,000.??TriVillage/Arlington?1123 Cambridge Blvd; James A. Woodland, III, Nicole L. Woodland; $860,000.?1112 Urlin Ave; Michael S. Leibrand, Tr; $825,000.?1900 Andover Rd; Jaclyn M. Leader, Alexander A. Leader; $337,500.??

Whitehall/E. Columbus?
949 Lornaberry Ln; Olga L. Bosques Milliken, Christopher M. Milliken; $156,900.?5021 Link Ct; Miranda S. Vandegriff, Jason M. Vandegriff; $124,900.

149 W Kenworth Rd; Charles L. Thomason, Susan P. Thomason; $389,900.?45 Sunnyside Ln; William L. Slutz, Linda A. Roomann; $284,000.?458 Canyon Dr; Jody S. Underwood; $255,000.??

Arlington/NW Columbus (N. of Fishinger)?
2020 Pevensey Ct; Erica A. Probst, Michael S. Probst; $489,000.?1943 Roseberry Dr; Eric S. Hutchison, David L. Johnson, Jr.; $341,900.?3945 Overdale Dr; Zhen Peng, Yang Shao; $261,725.?1198 Weybridge Rd; Michael Hallarn, Stephen Hallarn; $219,000.??

Upper Arlington?
2855 Canterbury Ln; Vernon L. Morrison; $258,500.?3491 Kirkham Rd; Brody Donovan, Jessica Donovan; $197,500.?2096 Inchcliff Rd; Jason J. Siu, PingSun Siu; $183,000.?3138 Walden Ravines; Douglas K. Gray, Linda K. Gray; $179,900.?5077 Dinard Way; James D. Cook; $161,000.??

Northland (S. of Morse)?
973 S Marland Dr; Dorothy Jean Robinson; $132,500.??

Northland (N. of Morse)?
6309 Sharon Woods Blvd; George F. Ross, Mary E. Ross; $128,000.?5685 N Meadows Blvd; Daniel B. Green, Nancy L. Green; $119,900.??Gahanna?351 Coldwell Ct; James Ryan Dickson; $152,000.??

Northland/Minerva Park?
2868 Blossom Ave; Kyle M. Zitron; $149,900.?4415 Berthstone Dr; Mohamed Ali; $131,900.??

Worthington West?
1168 Tessier Dr; Laura P. Cheuvront; $284,000.?2157 Crimson Ct; Jennifer L. Noel, Eric G. Noel; $255,000.?27 Campus View Blvd; Andrew M. Barrie, Patricia Barrie; $235,000.?5700 Crown Crest Ln; Justin M. Price; $155,000.?1635 W Case Rd; Michael Schultz; $144,000.?1753 Weather Stone Ln; Scott D. Bolster; $142,000.?933 Village Brook Way; Nancy A. Morr; $127,500.?6841 Villabrook Dr; Fatema E. Baumgardner; $120,000.