Aerosmith, Trampled by Turtles, Twiztid and Throw the Fight highlight this week's Fab Five.

1) Former Columbus resident and indie-rock icon Mark Eitzel is still making music, despite the re-breakup of his band, American Music Club, and a heart attack.

His string of bad luck interrupted work on his latest solo record, and whether all of that helped make Don't Be a Stranger so darn good, we don't know. But it is.

Eitzel plays Ace of Cups Saturday, Nov. 24. Tickets are 413/$15. Visit

2) We asked the Critic Cronies at The Beat's Facebook page what it is about Aerosmith that has kept them relevant – in varying degrees – throughout their 40-plus year career. While there was no consensus on an explanation, there was universal agreement that, well, here they still are, and good on 'em.

Once groundbreaking and of late a parody, the masses have increasingly bought in. As one Crony told us: "They are as important to modern American rock as anyone and what they have become is astounding and not in a good way."

The Beat remains in awe of the fact that it's the same five guys. Kudos for that, anyway. And, as another Crony explained: "T they continue to put out music people want to hear."

The guys do have a new record, Music From Another Dimension, and tour, "The Global Warming Tour," with a planned stop at Nationwide Arena Sunday, Nov. 25. Beat fave Cheap Trick opens. Tickets are $49.50-$149.50. Visit

3) You like melodic heavy rock, especially if it comes with down-tuned guitars, some agro-vocals and fist-pumping choruses. You are comfortable with the idea that all rockers, to a certain extent, are posers. You dig the possibility of seeing bands "before they were big."

So the Monday, Nov. 26, show at the Scarlet and Grey Café by Minneapolis quintet Throw the Fight is right up your alley.

Tickets are $4-10. Visit

4) There's no reason for it, but every time we read Trampled by Turtles (the Duluth quintet plays the Newport Music Hall Wednesday, Nov. 28), we think of that zombie "I like turtles" kids from the Internet.

With that said, TbT is what we imagine a power-pop band would sound like if there was a massive world-wide power outage and they had to go back to playing acoustic instruments like banjo, mandolin and fiddle. Trampled by Turtles isn't really a bluegrass band, but they do play bluegrass instruments.

Spirit Family Reunion opens. Tickets are $17/$20. Visit

5) Imagine if Insane Clown Posse took themselves totally seriously. And maybe GWAR, too, but without the props.

There you have Twiztid. Could be the joke's on us, but we don't think so.

The Michigan horrorcore rappers headline the Abominationz Tour, with Hed PE, Lil Wyte and Potluck. Check it out Thursday, Nov. 29, at the Newport Music Hall.

Tickets are $22/$25.Visit