Which area of Franklin County has the hottest real estate market right now? How much did that house sell for down the street? How much are homes in your community compared to homes across town?

Which area of Franklin County has the hottest real estate market right now? How much did that house sell for down the street? How much are homes in your community compared to homes across town?

You'll find the answers to those questions in ThisWeek's exclusive Top 100 Real Estate Deals This Week. This list picks out 100 of the area's home and condominium transactions for a given week. All sales occurred within the ThisWeek circulation area.

Listed here is the address of the property sold, the buyer's name and the sale price for the week of 03/21/13. All information is provided by CompuName of Westerville.

7707 Clear Creek Ct; Robert M. Macchia; $575,000.
6906 Shady Rock Ln; Shermetre Pollard; $170,300.
368 Rocky Springs Dr; John Griffin; $160,000.

5953 Vandeleur Pl; Stephen P. Sweeney, Theresa R. Sweeney; $417,500.
6827 Park Mill Dr; Sunil Padinhare, Variath Balkrishnan; $340,000.
2567 Starford Dr; Daniel F. Tarter; $220,000.
9710 Concord Rd; David Garcia; $375,000.
5334 Tara Hill Dr; Michael L. Williams, Nicole Karlock; $228,000.
6746 Heatherstone Loop; Chris Miller; $147,000.

5974 Heritage View Ct; Brent A. Charley, Amy K. Charley; $445,000.
3643 Scioto Run Blvd; Kenneth Pease, Kristin Pease; $332,500.
4673 Raven Ct; Christina S. Booker, Charles J. Booker; $244,000.
5643 Newington Dr; Adrienne M. Morey, Brian Kirby; $238,300.
4590 Carrington Way; Fifth Third Mortgage Co.; $220,000.
6075 Heritage Farms Dr; Joshua K. Smith, Jenna L. Smith; $185,000.

Lewis Center
1751 Cottonwood Dr; Pratyush Singh, Puja Sinha; $328,715.
8865 Sweetshade Dr; Subbarao Konakalla, Usharani Konakalla; $253,000.
1456 Royal Oak Dr; Daniel Goforth, Shayla M. Goforth; $213,500.

New Albany
7708 Brandon Rd; Johnni C. Beckel, Joseph R. Beckel; $1,350,000.
5365 Fort Ward Dr; Jonathan J. Runion, Jessica E. Runion; $689,000.
4930 Brooksview Cir; Akinyinka Awosika, Adebomi Omikunle; $475,000.
8295 Marwithe Pl; Preetmohinder S. Longia, Sukhwinder K. Longia; $334,703.
4451 Wooded Nook Dr; Eric Darlage, Amanda Miller; $275,000.
6902 Rothwell St; Gary W. Lentz, Cindy L. Lentz; $263,695.

Plain City
10473 Summer Sweet Way; Daniel G. DiCesare, Kelly I Dicesare; $298,966.
12805 Adams Rd; Fannie Mae; $151,455.

939 Riverbend Ave; David B. Renton, Michelle E. Renton; $937,100.
2185 Strathshire Hall Ln; Jaideep Anand, Seema Anand; $750,000.
8610 Northbluff Ln; Michael W. Shaffer; $575,541.
169 Smokewood Ct; Marie E. Wohrer; $408,500.
7934 Gateway Ln; Ryan Schnitker, Erin Schnitker; $367,500.
4503 Pleasant View Loop; Ryan B. Toretzky, Bonnie J. Toretzky; $353,531.
185 Wagon Trail; Steven A. Rupiper, Kelly C. Rupiper; $330,000.
253 Weatherburn Court; William B. Dockery, Kipley L. Dockery; $330,000.
232 Woodedge Circle W; Hans-Joachim Blank, Marianna A. Klochko; $295,000.
3778 Hampshire Ave; Simon P. Sweet, Megan S. Sweet; $287,500.

7686 Critwell Ct; Fannie Mae; $176,000.
696 Mirandy Pl; Robert Cauley; $116,100.

7157 Lee Rd; Deutsche Bank National Trust Co.; $200,000.
60 E Home St; David John Dziedzicki; $163,000.
249 Sunset Dr; Billy Albert Birchem, Ruth Maye Birchem; $160,000.
7680 Wild Mint Court; Christine Ann Herbert, Steven Claire Herbert; $339,500.
7904 Talon Circle; Matthew Sherry; $255,000.
6680 Morello Place; Jean Daniel Paul; $200,000.

6155 Maxton Pl; Ryan Roy Nash, Sarah Bess Nash; $335,000.
701 Westley Ct, Unit 701; George P. Doyle, III, Patricia L. Doyle; $285,000.
206 Saint Jacques St; James D. Vaas, Nancy J. Vaas; $205,000.
105 W Riverglen Dr; Douglas D. Myers; $204,800.

Canal Winchester
8633 Heather Lake Dr NW; Brian C. Myiatt, Lisa M. Myiatt; $243,500.
6754 Bigerton Bend; Tara M. Floyd; $208,500.
6487 Hilliard Dr; Jeremy Scott Caslow, Tharon Leigh Caslow; $187,500.

933 Barclay Dr; Nicholas S. Goldammer, Teri E. Goldammer; $238,000.
999 Jimson Ct; Jacque Whittenberger; $193,000.

Grove City
1323 Fairway Dr; Patricia K. Stewart, Robert P. Stewart; $300,288.
2065 Autumn Wind Dr; Aric W. Abblitt, Cindy M. Abblitt; $205,000.
4520 Demorest Rd; Alexander H. Harris, Kimberly R. Harris; $183,381.
4393 Pebble Beach Dr; Steven A. Berry, Daphne Berry; $164,000.
2655 Columbus St; Clark A. Wolfe; $147,500.

4829 Briargrove Rd; Charles Michael Linderman; $187,500.
5101 Bitternut Ln; Leslie C. Sims Palmore, Steven E. Palmore; $180,867.
5697 Venison Way; PNC Bank, N.A.; $145,000.

13845 Carlstead Dr W; Brian L. York, Sara L. York; $200,000.
901 Fresno St; Thomas Groot Jr., Amanda Groot; $176,500.
902 Dunvegan Circle; Dannis A. Cepeda; $161,500.

Clintonville/North University
214 W Weber Rd; Stephen Bauer, Malia Bauer; $175,000.
2319 N Fourth St; Daniel S. Dotson; $117,900.

German Village
997 S Wall St; Vimal Narula; $183,000.
462 Stanley Ave; Robert A. Fernandez; $105,000.

Bexley/E. Columbus
271 S Cassingham Rd; Elena S. Andrews; $278,000.

1359 Inglis Ave; Andrew C. Dill, Megan L. Oliver; $276,500.
936 Northwest Blvd; Ian McAuliffe, Alicia E. McAuliffe; $165,000.

Whitehall/E. Columbus
6272 Peach Tree Rd; Deutsche Bank National Trust Co.; $126,000.

497 Springs Dr; David H. Petrohilos, Kathy A. Petrohilos; $310,000.
582 Acton Rd; Lindsey W. Kirk; $179,712.
251 W North Broadway; Andrea Messer; $144,500.

Arlington/NW Columbus (N. of Fishinger)
2281 Haviland Rd; Thomas Karavolos, Jr., Trustee; $219,000.
3396 Leighton Rd; John B. Hlay, Jean H. Hlay; $202,160.
1121 Kenley Ave; The Bank of New York Mellon; $140,000.

Upper Arlington
2056 Zollinger Rd; John James Dewitt, Tiffany J. Dewitt; $350,000.
2568 Westmont Blvd; Erik M. Dingledine; $333,000.
3133 Edgefield Rd; Diego Semprun, Jennifer W. Semprun; $323,000.
1999 Jervis Rd; Daniel S. Clifford; $233,500.
3363 Shattuck Ave; Charles M. Carlos, Judith A. Carlos; $160,000.
1766 Ardleight Rd; Penny Zhe Pan; $148,900.

Northland (S. of Morse)
1370 E Cooke Rd; Ronald J. Boz; $195,000.
4458 Okell Rd; John N. Meister, Emily K. Meister; $119,900.

Far East Side (N. of Refugee)
1200 Gertrude Dr; JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A.; $140,986.

Northland (N. of Morse)
6070 Darby Ln; Fannie Mae; $114,839.

4028 Trade Royal Crossing; Fannie Mae; $183,000.
4041 Spectacle Dr; John J. Dehmer, Janet C. Dehmer; $158,000.
3941 Roxham Ct; Brandon Burkhardt, Stephanie Burkhardt; $151,500.
532 Theori Ave; Bruce L. Moore, Debra M. Moore; $131,000.
803 Winward Way; William J. Thomure, Maureen Thomure Emoff; $118,000.

Far East Side (S. of Refugee)
1427 N Walshire Dr; Gisele Angel Robbins; $126,000.

Worthington West
811 Katherines Wood Dr; Michael T. McCarthy, Martha McCarthy; $374,000.
6900 Linworth Rd; Kara Johansen, Michael Johansen; $337,500.
78 Highland Point Cir; Andrew P. Soosai, Alina Albert Anthony; $177,000.
5462 Baneberry Ave; Erik A. Naille, Jackie Evans; $127,000.
1941 Starbridge Ct; Wendy J. Garland; $125,000.