Ohio native Drew Neiman has created a stellar Napa Valley wine at a bargain price, Wine Wisdom columnist Roger Gentile says.

Drew Neiman is an Ohio native that pursued his passion for wine, and headed to Napa Valley.

After his time at America's greatest wine school – University of California, Davis – he learned "hands on" from one of the best teachers, John Kongsgaard, and made wine at some pretty spectacular wineries: Kongsgaard, Chateau Boswell, Bridesmaid and Newton, to name a few.

He as well owns Neiman Cellars, and if you have a few hundred bucks, you can get a bottle of red, a bottle of white and little change back. In truth, Neiman has become somewhat of a wine rock star, and is quickly becoming one of those "cult" winemakers who sign autographs, and host cruises.

His 2012 Cabinet California Riesling is a real winner, served in an impressive full-liter bottle. The story here starts on three small lots with really good Riesling. I found the nose to show wonderful aromas of apples, flowers, lemon, and even some orange blossom, and the mouth translated to about the same.

I knew that 2012 is going to be a banner year in California, and this tasty little white really affirms that point. The price is $15 a bottle. If your favorite wine place doesn't have it, try Vanguard Wines of Columbus.

Roger Gentile is the owner of Gentile's, the Wine Sellers – www.gentiles.com – and the author of two books on wine.