Which area of Delaware County has the most active real estate market?

Which area of Delaware County has the most active real estate market?

In ThisWeek's exclusive list of the area's Top 25 Real Estate Deals ThisWeek, you will find a sampling of home and condominium transactions that were completed during a given week.

Listed is the address of the property sold, the buyer's name and the sale price for the week of 05/30/13. All information is provided by CompuName of Westerville, 891-7373.


2225 Wingate Dr; Hanan M. Toukan, tr; $1,100,000.

7779 Overland Trail; Jaymin G. Vinson, Tiffany Vinson; $365,200.

1181 Odessa Ln; Jacob L. Ramsey, Danielle L. Ramsey; $320,695.

1103 Treeline Way; Chantel Adora Williams; $304,895.

716 Ballater Dr; Andrew Deblock, Elizabeth Deblock; $290,299.


10855 Campden Lakes Blvd; Branch Bankers & Trust Co; $466,000.

5769 Royal Lytham Ct; Amy G. Hanner; $391,000.


6756 Ingalls Court; Patrick J. Tomsen, Tammy L. Tomsen; $535,000.

4805 Lynn Dr; Mirbehzad Arefi, Mehrzad P. Arefi; $418,270.

4856 Ramblewood Dr; David O'Roark, Alicia O'Roark; $405,665.

4796 Braiden Dr; Donald A. Almashy, Courtney M. Almashy; $392,396.

Lewis Center ­­­

2849 Waukeegan Ave; Charles C. Zhou, Xu Han; $381,000.

1829 Ivy St; Andrew C. Dunn, Kirsten I. Dunn; $295,469.


4498 Hunters Bend; Andrew Sapp, Tara Sapp; $537,981.

2727 Mallards Landing Dr; Jason R. Miller, Melanie R. Miller; $475,000.

233 Halverston Rd; Brian F. Scragg, Jacqueline L. Scragg; $394,500.

1160 Amaranthus Dr; Matthew A. Teliak, Rachael E. Teliak; $387,243.

4509 Hunter Lake Dr; Andrew K. Phelan; $375,000.


2673 Radnor Rd; Cameron A. James; $145,000.


56 Barleycorn Dr; Freedom Mortgage Corp.; $244,397.

11686 Kilbourne Rd; The Bank of New York Mellon; $130,000.


7744 Milford Ave; Cherl McFaddle, Steven McFaddle; $550,604.

5345 Royal County Down; Christopher J. Stablein; $462,000.

7077 Duncans Glen Dr; Thomas M. Rosenbaum, Paula A. Rosenbaum; $460,000.

5418 Slater Ridge; Ralph Viviano, Sandra B. Viviano; $435,900.