For a change, Clintonville is going to beat out the Short North and German Village when it comes to a trendy new dining-out experience.

For a change, Clintonville is going to beat out the Short North and German Village when it comes to a trendy new dining-out experience.

Dishcrawl, a concept that originated in San Jose, Calif., three years ago, will come to the neighborhood Tuesday, July 30. For a fee of $45 each, those who sign up can sample the fare at four different restaurants within walking distance of one another.

"They're popping up all over the country," said Kelly Galindo of Gahanna, the central Ohio representative of the California-based startup operation.

Officially, her title is "Dishcrawl ambassador."

Aladdin's Eatery and Giorgio are the two announced restaurants on the Clintonville Dishcrawl. The other two will be kept secret until shortly before the event, said Galindo, who has a background in public relations and marketing and once worked for Experience Columbus.

All ticket-holders will be notified of the locations 48 hours ahead of the event.

"This gives everyone an opportunity to try four different restaurants in one night," Galindo said. "This way, we get to try them all out and try all the food. It's really about getting people together around the table to meet each other and socialize."

Locally, prior to Galindo becoming the Dishcrawl representative for central Ohio, events were held in Grandview Heights and Olde Town East. Since coming on board, she's held one in her own backyard of Gahanna.

Future plans include, naturally, Dishcrawls in the Short North and German Village, as well as other locations such as Dublin, Worthington and perhaps Granville.

"I can pretty much go anywhere as long as I can find enough restaurants in walking distance," Galindo said.

In addition to the four-restaurant Dishcrawl, Galindo can lead people on Neighborfood events at eight restaurants offering one item each, and Brew Benefits, in which participants sample beer at a dozen local breweries in an afternoon.

The $45 fee for a Dishcrawl is the same for every contract location, but Galindo said she also can provide less-expensive themed restaurant tours for vegetarians, for breakfast and even taco trucks.

"It's like a pub crawl, but more delicious," Galindo wrote in an announcement for the Clintonville event. "Dishcrawl was founded on the premise that communities can be brought together through good food and great company. We'll experience that, as we sample some of the best dishes Clintonville has to offer and meet the chefs and restaurant owners who create them."

Only a few had signed up as of late last week.

"A lot of people wait until the last minute," Galindo said.

Tickets are available at dishcrawl. com/clintonvillecrawl.

"We'll be having Dishcrawls in Clintonville on a frequent basis, and will have photographers, bloggers and reporters there to help us promote the city," Galindo wrote in her announcement.

Guests on the tours are referred to as "Dishcrawlers."