The executive chef of Plate in New Albany says he likes his new boss and direction of the restaurant.

When Phillip Gulis interviewed with Alfonso Contrisciani, he got a good vibe.

The conversation was more chef to chef and less employee to employer.

Contrisciani hired Gulis to be executive chef of Plate in New Albany, the latest farm-to-fork restaurant in central Ohio.

Gulis said he was impressed by the credentials of Contrisciani, a certified master chef, previous restaurateur and current culinary instructor.

"One of the things I like about him is he understands cooking," Gulis said.

"He's a real good resource in that way. He's more of a mentor in that way," said Gulis, a longtime contributor to Food & Wine who's back with another batch of recipes -- some new, some from his vast repertoire.

Gulis, a Culinary Institute of America graduate and former executive chef of Luce in Powell, said he also liked Contrisciani's commitment to fresh ingredients.

In summer, the restaurant is able to cull 75 percent of its produce and protein from the state of Ohio, some of which is from Contrisciani's farm in Somerset.

Even pizzas, the king of mainstream fare, have emerged as one of the top items at Plate, Gulis said. But it's no ordinary pie. The crust was developed by Contrisciani's proprietary starter.

"We sell a lot," Gulis said. "That's what most people come in for. We're thinking of starting a delivery business."

Gulis dusts off a classic recipe for gazpacho, appropriate for this time of year.