Kabuki takes over the Sushi Bistro space in the Avery Square.

Kabuki has added a Korean touch to the Dublin dining scene.

The restaurant, which replaces Sushi Bistro in the Avery Square, offers many of the country's popular dishes, such as dol sot bibimbap (a rice dish served in a hot stone bowl), bulgogi (thinly sliced ribeye seasoned with a sweet soy sauce) and kalbi (marinated beef short ribs).

"I think most Americans are opening their palates to more diverse flavors," owner Hannah Brown said. "In Korean foods you can get sweet, spicy, crunchy, salty and savory all in one delicious bite."

Of course the restaurant, which takes its name from the Japanese dance-drama, serves a wide swath of Japanese fare, among which are 31 signature maki rolls. Also included are teriyaki, katsu, tempura and noodle dishes.

Most lunch entrees are in the $8 to $12 range and dinners, $11 to $18.

Brown said she realizes the menu is a bit extensive, but there's something to suit all tastes.

"Sometimes it's a bit overwhelming to people," Brown said.

"But some of our customers in Dayton make it a point to get to the whole menu," she said, referring to the original Kabuki, which opened four years ago in the Dayton suburb of Centerville.

Brown, whose mo-ther, Mae, founded the first Kabuki, said when she learned Sushi Bistro was for sale, she jumped at the opp-ortunity to open in the space at 6395 Peri-meter Drive.

"This is a beautiful building, great location," Hannah Brown said.

"Dublin is a great area."

Brown said she made some minor cosmetic changes to the interior of the restaurant, which opened two weeks ago. She said she feels the atmosphere strikes a good balance between upscale and casual.

"I'd like to think that the ambiance in Kabuki is fun and upbeat while still being relaxed and romantic," she said.

She said she uses fresh ingredients and the sauces and marinades are made in-house.

"We know that makes a difference," she said.

Brown said she grew up in the business, working for her mother, who's owned three restaurants over the years. Hannah Brown moved to central Ohio for work opportunities and stayed in the restaurant industry, working most recently as a general manager for a Jimmy John's store.

Kabuki, which has a full liquor license, is open for lunch and dinner daily. For more information, call 614-336-8855.