Dia de Los Food Trucks hasn't even debuted, but it's already bigger.

Dia de Los Food Trucks hasn't even debuted, but it's already bigger.

Organizers of the food-truck fest, slated for Friday, Nov. 1, in the Brewery District, said they have expanded the area to include Liberty Street, which will be closed from the Front Street entrance to the parking lot behind the Worly Building, 503 S. Front St.

The increased space will bring in about a half-dozen more food trucks, bringing the total to about 15, said James Rice, a member of the Brewery District Trade Association.

"The more the better," said Rice, also marketing manager for World of Beer. "I think anywhere from 15 to 20 is an awesome number.

"A lot of the food trucks have their own followings," he said.

Dia de Los Food Trucks will be held from 4:30 to 9 p.m. in Brewmasters Gate, 450 S. Front St., where about eight food trucks and a beer truck with at least six different brews will be located.

The remaining will be parked on Liberty Street, to the east of the Worly Building, where Shadowbox Live and World of Beer are located.

Mojo TaGo, Pitabilities, Tatoheads, Burrito Bus and Ajumama, among other local favorites, will be in attendance.

The event, which will raise money for the Brewery District Trade Association, is free and open to the public.

Live entertainment will be provided by pop-rock band Lovebenders.

Julie Klein, president of the area's trade association, said it's the first time in recent memory "the Brewery District as a whole has been home to a festival or a special event to call its own."

"We are hoping the food-truck events will not only draw more people to the district, but allow them to truly rediscover it -- or discover it for the first time," said Klein, a performer at Shadowbox.

"It is such a wonderful area with such a great historical relevance to the city and is now a fantastic blend of old and new businesses working together to bring the district back to life," Klein said.

"We are very excited, not just for this event, but for the future of the Brewery District. There is a lot going on down here."