Which area of Franklin County has the hottest real estate market right now? How much did that house sell for down the street? How much are homes in your community compared to homes across town?

Which area of Franklin County has the hottest real estate market right now? How much did that house sell for down the street? How much are homes in your community compared to homes across town?

You'll find the answers to those questions in ThisWeek's exclusive Top 100 Real Estate Deals This Week. This list picks out 100 of the area's home and condominium transactions for a given week. All sales occurred within the ThisWeek circulation area.

Listed here is the address of the property sold, the buyer's name and the sale price for the week of 03/27/14. All information is provided by CompuName of Westerville.


7184 S Maple Leaf Cir; Brad E. Lamone, Anne M. Lamone; $447,128.

2419 Reynoldsburg- New Albany Rd; Patricia Kokoczka; $243,000.

7639 Schneider Way; Thomas A. Frazier, Connie G. Frazier; $242,500.


7869 S Avaleen Cir; Mark Armbrust; $359,825.

7861 S Avaleen Cir; Amy Stieg, Tyler Stieg; $357,695.

6782 Vineyard Heven Loop; Jill K. Love; $336,025.

6447 Newgrange Dr; Paula J. Vance; $331,000.

7893 S Avaleen Cir; Kathy S. McKenzie, Trustee; $302,473.

5295 Copper Creek Dr; Phillip T. Cole; $230,504.

5747 Stearns Rd; Marlene Yoder; $205,000.

5642 Spring River Ave; Heather E. Avery; $180,000.

8776 Tartan Fields Dr; Steven H. Miggo, Katherine A. Miggo; $675,000.

6086 Memorial Dr; Milo D. Hilty, Susan A. Hilty; $326,900.

5304 Aryshire Dr; Wells Fargo Bank; $230,000.


6277 Baumeister Dr; John T. Ernest, Nicole Ernest; $391,125.

6278 Baumeister Dr; Xian J. Mai, Yinghong L. Mai; $365,971.

6253 Baumeister Dr; Jean-Yves A. Maziere, Megan C. Stojic; $358,225.

6169 Baumeister Dr; Shahood Zamir, Sadaf Kamal; $320,780.

6145 Baumeister Dr; Peter D. Van Dijk, Hendrika W. Van Dijk-Weerkamp; $320,028.

5638 Haydens Reserve Way; Richard E. Guyer, Barbara K. Guyer; $315,353.

3125 Goodman Meadows Dr; Michael W. Dimond, Erin Davis; $312,000.

2707 Anderson Dr; Harrison B. Smith, Sarah E. Buckley; $307,373.

4861 Sarasota Ct; Eric J. Croyle, Julie M. Bowser; $250,000.

Lewis Center

3450 Woodstone Dr; Daniel G. Terbeek, Nicole M. Terbeek; $415,000.

2339 Charge St; Sean R. Johnson, Amy D. Johnson; $354,216.

2775 Cannon Circle; Melinda T. Swan; $335,000.

2128 Pleasant Colony Dr; Megan E. Moser, Ryan H. Moser; $262,000.

4473 Huber Dr; Ryan P. Eicher, Rachel M. Eicher; $255,900.

8531 Oak Creek Dr; Jenny Flores, David E. Flores; $220,000.

8718 Paulder Ct; Abbey T. Overholser, Zachary E. Overholser; $205,000.

New Albany

7769 Pembrooke End; Jennifer Johns Friel; $700,000.

7465 King George Dr; Richard A. Brisbois, Melissa B. Brisbois; $405,000.

5090 Blackstone Edge Dr; Janetta G. Tischer; $348,866.


9440 Woodbine Way; Eric Wilder, Jennifer Wilder; $395,156.

10335 Pagoda Way; Prasanna Nadella, Jayascee Nadella; $342,764.


8828 Coldwater Dr; Carla J. Mack; $434,900.

86 E Osage Dr; Douglas J. Bernier, Christina M. Bernier; $205,000.


7343 Terrace View Ct; Ganga Poudel, Yadhab Dhital,etal.; $133,000.

1710 Lancaster Ave; Christopher C. Strong; $110,000.


124 Executive Ct; James Adam Landaker; $285,000.

157 Marlene Dr; Gregory Becker, Emma Jean Becker; $237,000.

6026 Jamesport Dr; Christina Coughlin; $188,665.

357 Seminole Ave; James Smithson, Kathryn A. Smithson; $158,500.

4373 S Valley Quail Blvd; Elon A. Simms; $133,500.

5259 Sorrento Court; Sharon J. Darno, Todd M. Darno; $658,376.

6082 Tournament Dr; Elena Makarova, Alexander Makarov; $453,060.

688 Stonefield Dr; Dennis A. Mcallister, Alison R. Jones; $280,000.

6009 Commonwealth Dr; Michael M. Marozzi, Jennette L. McCann; $269,000.

6100 Perkins Ln; Gregory Schmitz, Abby Beth Breneman; $211,000.

5576 Covington Meadows Ct; Pasquale Giommarco, Debra Giommarco; $198,500.


405 Longfellow Ave; Steven O. Weaver, Katesha M. Freeman; $314,000.

252 E Clearview Ave; Leah M. Disabato; $159,900.

Canal Winchester

7723 Silver Springs Ct; Aaron Gausepohl; $335,000.

1892 Sitterley Rd; Carl Smith; $236,500.

85 Hocking St; Charles E. Black, Jr., Elizabeth B. Black; $230,000.

3415 Lakeland Ct; Omar Thiar, Marietou Diagne; $124,000.

5500 Sweet Gale Ct; Deutsche Bank National Trust Co.; $110,000.


6009 Carridge Dr; Alexander J. Haug, Sarah L. Humphrey; $169,168.

Grove City

4790 Heycross Dr; Todd A. Dougherty, Edith A. Dougherty; $296,000.

4490 Orangeberry Dr; Michael Kegley, Kristina K. Kegley; $280,400.

2149 Tournament Way; Dion W. Goins; $238,150.

4675 E Clayburn Dr; Megan Gould, Christopher Gould; $238,000.

6111 Catawba Dr; Mark Delong, Polly Delong; $187,500.

3740 Orders Rd; Diana L. Chaney, Richard C. Chaney; $169,900.

6274 Mountview Pl; Robert C. Spann; $139,900.


511 Tallman St; Christina Trust; $120,000.


12906 Bentwood Farms Dr; Dustin Marshall; $234,900.

11264 Bridgeview Dr; James W. Dotson, Jr.; $177,500.

Clintonville/North University

2821 Kensington Pl; Joseph W. Marinello, Erin T. Marinello; $250,000.

2853 Findley Ave; Danielle M. Leventhal; $184,000.

Bexley/E. Columbus

200 S Chesterfield Rd; Michael Slabodnick, Levana Slabodnick; $310,000.

29 N Merkle Rd; Brian M. Hall, Ashley P. Hall; $287,500.

1011 Euclaire Ave; Linda D. Lianoudom; $156,250.


1795 Beaford Rd; Ann C. Blizzard; $441,000.

887 Oxley Rd; Gary L. Converse; $177,500.

Whitehall/E. Columbus

3942 E Main St; Hill Manor Enterprises; $129,000.


266 Brevoort Rd; Ryan Smith, Megan P. Smith; $223,000.

43 Orchard Ln; Phillipe Y. Ayala, Cherie Aya; $215,000.

444 Fallis Rd; Claudia Patricia Morettini; $184,000.

264 E Jeffrey Pl; Greg E. Garris, Melissa Garris; $165,000.

Arlington/NW Columbus (N. of Fishinger)

4949 Oldbridge Dr; Stephanie W. Hyer, Trustee; $810,000.

1317 Langston Dr; Andrew J. Davalla, Suzanne L. Davalla; $530,000.

1856 Collingswood Rd; Kathryn Jane Slodje; $380,000.

Upper Arlington

3429 River Seine St; Patrick M. Lloyd, Joyce F. Palik; $672,500.

2421 Andover Rd; Todd C. Fickell, Natalina R. Fickell; $465,000.

2125 W Lane Ave; Kristen Meiers; $445,000.

1488 Essex Rd; Scott E. Harrold, Laura B. Harrold; $375,000.

2261 Zollinger Rd; Maria M. Lapierre; $196,500.

Northland (N. of Morse)

1855 Red Fern Dr; Christopher Colarosa, Lisa A. Colarosa; $151,500.


155 Rivers Edge Dr; Holly Rackowski, Samuel Rackowski, Jr.; $288,000.

586 Pinegrove Pl; John A. Rentz, Kathryn L. Rentz; $263,610.

5489 Havens Corners Rd; Jeffrey R. Hauser, Lauren E. Hauser; $255,000.

550 Haversham Dr; MidFirst Bank; $202,070.

4840 Honeysuckle Blvd; Eillance B. Manley, Michael L. Manley; $163,000.

Far East Side (S. of Refugee)

4885 Winchester Pk; Amy Taft; $135,800.

Worthington West

15722 Justamere Rd; Byron G. Hall, Carla J. Hall; $331,793.

5056 Sharon Hill Dr; Richard D. Groves, Nicole M. Cecil; $318,000.

7310 Schoolcraft Ln; Huang Liyin; $176,500.

2230 Sunleaf Ct; Jessica L. Bailey; $170,000.

2546 Poppy Ln; Brian A. Stewart, Ashley M. Stewart; $136,000.