The Commissary, which opened late last year in Marble Cliff, strives to be everything to every foodie.

The Commissary, which opened late last year in Marble Cliff, strives to be everything to every foodie.

The business is the result of community support and a successful Kickstarter campaign, as can be witnessed by the number wooden spoons with the names or phrases of its supporters adorning the hallways.

Owner Kate Djupe said the campaign had more than 300 supporters, with more of the wooden spoons yet to be added to the wall.

It's not just foodies who are supporting the space, as large murals by artists and one by the community adorn a large open area to the rear, which can be used to house food trucks.

"We've had a lot of support from the art community," Djupe said.

Although original plans called for a Franklinton location, the business ended up at 1400 Dublin Road. So far, the multiuse space has been the site of cooking classes, food preparation, chef experimentation, a book club, corporate team-building exercises, fundraisers, special events and dinner parties.

The space is split into different areas with large kitchens, a room for dinner parties and events, an open space for a book club with furniture and a wall full of cookbooks and various cake pans, an office, and a couple of other storage and open rooms.

In addition to cooking classes, the space has hosted pop-up restaurants, a cookie swap and fundraiser, a friendly chef competition, and a special event in which chefs experimented with different types of food.

"The space is a way for chefs to play with food in a new way," she said.

The public is invited to use the cooking space as well during weekly open houses.

"We have an open house every Thursday at 7:30 p.m.," Djupe said.

On some Tuesdays, a program called "The Good Egg" features a chef presenting new or interesting ways to cook an egg.

"Challah food truck taught how to cook poached eggs," Djupe said. "The demo is $5 and a dinner menu decided by the food maker is around $10."

The next demo is planned for March 24 with baker Matt Swint.

Some events planned for the near future include a class on dumplings Saturday, March 14; a cupcake-baking class for children and adults Sunday, March 15; a seasonal-produce class Wednesday, March 18; Columbus Knife Fight cooking night for chefs March 23; and an ice-cream social for children April 4.

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