Which area of Franklin County has the hottest real estate market right now? How much did that house sell for down the street? How much are homes in your community compared to homes across town?

Which area of central Ohio has the hottest real estate market right now? How much did that house sell for down the street? How much are homes in your community compared to homes across town?

You'll find the answers to those questions in ThisWeek's exclusive Top 100 Real Estate Deals This Week. This list picks out 100 of the area's home and condominium transactions for a given week. All sales occurred within the ThisWeek circulation area.

Listed here is the address of the property sold, the buyer's name and the sale price for the week of 04/16/15. All information is provided by CompuName of Westerville.


6244 Duffy Rd.; Reed D. and Elizabeth M. Cooper; $330,000

3944 Curve Rd.; Kimberly R. and Shane Erskine; $426,000

2065 Woodland Hall Dr.; Kenneth S. Bine and Adrienne Austin; $1,162,190


2648 Bay Harbor Dr.; Brian D. and Melissa A. Speert; $488,000

1731 Adlington Dr.; Niranjan Thota; $365,000

Lewis Center

7118 Lilly Place; Chaitanya Challa and Parimale Pilaka; $301,545

3078 Maddie Ct.; Donald R.and Sue M. Schregardus; $369,900

2091 Orangelake Dr.; Satyendra Kondagari; $400,975

1898 Rocklake Court; Rupam A. and Ami Chokshi; $426,274


1776 Plains Blvd.; Matthew Herman and Gina Herman; $199,775

9939 Gleneagle Place; Marat and Olga N. Babyeva; $454,900

559 Cardinal Hill Ln.; William Ian and Mary A. Souder; $619,900

5444 Stratford Ave.; William and Regina Ringling; $570,000

5388 Sheffield Ave.; Daniel and Lisa Strunck; $550,000

4912 Rosalind Ln.; Daniel Lowrie; $928,750

2609 Jewett Rd.; Joseph W. and Carla B. Cole; $359,900

1826 Sotherby Crossing; John J. and Natalie W.Thomas; $307,500

1307 Berkeley Ct.; Yamani S. Gunawardena; $612,500

1040 Carriage Valley Dr.; Sushma and Scidhar Nannapaneni; $443,860


360 Longshore Rd.; Linda M. Carrocci; $320,000


9888 Morris Dr.; Laura J. Whitt; $477,000

77662 Seay Court; Brooke and William C. Thompson; $767,000

5945 Whittingham Dr.; Todd M. and Tia C. Kegler; $665,000

5423 Redwater Dr.; Abdulhamid Akel and Zainab Abu Kweik; $248,000

5166 Autumn Fern Dr.; John Edward Gates & Barbara Swan Gates; $230,000

7276 Pueblo Ct.; Kelly A. Brunswick and Amanda C. Brunswick; $348,000

7126 Faulkner Way; Stephen M. Dickman and Amanda L. Dickman; $225,000

310 Old Spring Ct.; Nanette M. Purdy; $224,900


6296 Coreys Way; Jason C. Manzagol and Michelle L. Manzagol; $426,097

6196 Clover Pl.; Michael J. Wiley and Molly D. Wiley; $315,000

6146 Longwood Dr.; Tara L. Briggeman and Jack Briggeman; $299,640

5026 Foxtail Dr.; Karl W. Holloway and Linda S. Holloway; $344,720

4986 Foxtail Dr.; Karen J. Hudson; $289,120

3533 Goldenrod St.; Lucas Cech and Heather Cech; $451,698

New Albany

7786 Brandon Rd.; Bruce Rodney Comisar and Kimberly C. Comisar; $1,150,000

7739 Sudbrook Sq.; Dan Jack Goldach and Rose Goldach; $565,000

7090 Dean Farm Rd.; Charmel L. London and Michael G. London; $570,000

5958 Central College Rd. Unit #47-5958; Whitney L. Heberling; $120,000

4000 Farber Ct.; Bradley R. Gilmer, Trustee of the Bradley R. Gilmer Trust; $975,000

1605 Perris Ct.; Mansoor Samad and Waheeda Kausar Mansoor; $298,000

1312 Bingham Mills Dr.; James H. Staebler and Anna Renee Staebler; $399,900


976 Sandrock Ave.; Nallely M. Scott and Douglas Scott; $208,000

1963 Haverton Dr.; Zackery M. Deschaine and Elitsa A. Deschaine; $230,000


8342 Danbridge Way; Brian C. and Laura E. Focht; $373,500

5276 Slater Ridge; Roderick P. Frasher; $508,773

4962 Royal County Down; Douglas C. Knox; $505,000

5855 Parchment Dr.; David F. Markley and Pamela L. Markley; $268,400

5587 Eagle Harbor Dr.; John C. Graff and Kimberly C. Graff; $200,000


6920 Perry Dr.; Christopher L. Ray and Dorothy C. Ray; $394,900

487 S. Selby Blvd.; Ian V. Chavez and Becky A. Chavez; $234,900

384 Colonial Ave.; Nathan E. Niese and Sarah Marty Niese; $303,000

Canal Winchester

6162 Dietz Dr.; Kreg Huffman and Amber Huffman; $300,396

Grove City

963 Pinnacle Club Dr.; Frank X. Blazewicz and Julie A. Nishimura; $366,180

665 Henningans Grove Rd.; Drew L. Ater; $170,000

5490 Demorest Dr.; Joshua H. Persall and Erin B. Persall; $236,500

5.923 acres Demorest Rd.; Lori A. Kidwell and Kory F. Metcalf; $89,000

4747 Harrisburg Pike; The Crosslink Community Church; $610,000

4461 Grand Stand Dr.; Mark Eugene Swetz and Tiffany Ann Swetz; $222,500

1166 Carnoustie Cir.; William R. Davidge; $274,900


160 Harbinger Dr.; Bobbie Lee; $162,000


943 and 945 Highland St.; Scott L. Hartley; $280,000

919 N. Fourth St.; Chad Seiber; $215,251

1030 Harrison Park Pl.; Karim A. Ali and Benjamin A. Justice; $450,000

German Village

796 Bank St.; Joseph A. Glanzman and Diana C. Glanzman; $210,000

678 S. 9th St.; Kaylen M. Lappin and Roger Stewart; $219,000

628 S. Sixth St.; Jeremy Scott Elder and Chad Alan Huguerin; $647,500

247 E. Deshler Ave.; David D. Daniel and Megan C. Daniel; $437,500


256 N. Cassingham Rd.; Haydee Lalli and Deborah L. Nicklaus; $307,000

225 S. Drexel Rd.; Matthew D. Eshelbrenner and Nicolette Eshelbrenner; $710,000


1286 Morning Ave.; Mark C. Oswanski and Veronica Oswanski Espinosa; $267,156


157 Erie Rd.; James Boakye-Dankwah; $206,000


936 Perry St., Unit #116; Aaron Wallace; $225,000

Upper Arlington

3929 Patricia Dr.; Andrew Swartzel and Julia Swartzel; $275,000

1412 Havencrest Ct.; Kevin A. Kepp; $215,000

3345 Mansion Way; Earl Goldhammer; $255,000

2936 White Bark Pl.; Patrick N. Nealis and Diane K. Walleser; $322,000

2694 Edgevale Rd.; Katherin L. Haley-Parons and Charles D. Parsons; $269,900

3898 Trail Ridge Dr.; Steven D. Armstrong and Jennifer L. Armstrong; $243,400

3387 Lindstrom Dr.; Hayley Rabbers and Alex R. Smith; $213,000

Northwest Side

737 Old Oak Trail; Ali Mokhtari and Mina Mokhtari; $485,000

6863 Oakfair Ave.; Jacob Hoover and Anya Froelich; $247,500

5360 Godown Rd.; Alison Lynn Moser and Michael Patrick McDermott; $254,900

1261 Beechlake Dr.; Christopher McCloskey; $225,000


8643 Oakshire Dr; Donald K Clark; $311,791

7627 Creekbend Dr; Christian M Stevenson; $170,000

460 Lockville Rd; Scott Rogers; $90,000

341 Sycamore Creek St; Kristina M Becker; $84,500

341 Sycamore Creek St; Matthew T Whaling; $84,500

3103 Alderbrook Dr; Sosavanh Inthavong; $137,000

1281 Somerset Way; Barry O Tucker, etal.; $95,000