Which area of Franklin County has the hottest real estate market right now? How much did that house sell for down the street? How much are homes in your community compared to homes across town?

Which area of central Ohio has the hottest real estate market right now? How much did that house sell for down the street? How much are homes in your community compared to homes across town?

You'll find the answers to those questions in ThisWeek's exclusive Top 100 Real Estate Deals This Week. This list picks out 100 of the area's home and condominium transactions for a given week. All sales occurred within the ThisWeek circulation area.

Listed here is the address of the property sold, the buyer's name and the sale price for the week of 06/11/15. All information is provided by CompuName of Westerville.


7620 Pillion Way; Troy and Stephanie Mckinnon; $1,255,000

423 Slate Crossing Dr.; John C. and Janice .V Hicks; $411,390

1500 Wingate Dr.; Richard Ruhl; $200,000


4782 Woodhaven Dr.; Timothy A. Buren Tr; $499,000

4174 Sunbury Rd.; John F. and Rosemary E. Erjavec; $535,000

1703 Birtles Ct.; Patricia D. Worrell; $650,000

1148 Forsyth Ln.; Paul M McCord; $390,000

Lewis Center

5756 Baja Ct.; Anthony S. and Stephanie Della Rocco; $359,900

3755 Pine Ridge Dr.; Todd J. and Justina M. Penrod; $387,000


9809 Kingston Cir.; James B. and Helen R. Ashbery; $379,900

665 Retreat Ln.; Benjamin J. and Melodee Diss; $635,000

4929 Tempe Rd.; David and Janet Jennings; $310,000

3355 Waltham Ct.; Daniel C. and Melanie J. Farkas; $324,900

2575 Silverleaf Dr.; Lorenzo M. and Cheryl L. Atriano; $478,000

2264 Clairborne Dr.; Brian J. and Jennifer T. Winstanley; $420,000


5520 Haddington Dr.; Adam J. Heisel and Courtney R. Young; $455,000

8101 Moliana Ct.; Matthew John Nolfi; $190,000

7362 Linden Ln.; Rodolfo M. Bellesi; $592,000

6252 Pirthshire Circle; Nicole D. Nelson; $278,900

5634 Alderbrook Dr.; Shaen R. and Jessica L. Somerlot; $431,710

7819 Nassau Lp.; Kimberly L. Cooper; $351,500

7339 Pueblo Ct.; Rang and Anjali Das; $335,500

5963 Tara Hill; Luke B. and Gina M. Schweiss; $260,000

5548 Old Pond Dr.; Jeffrey M. and Amy B. Nolan; $299,777

5394 Roscommon Rd.; Aaron and Ryoko Shroll; $265,000

5222 Forest Run Dr.; Michiyoshi and Danica Komine; $412,750


6172 Clover Pl.; Shelley L. and Joshua D. King; $313,000

6053 Glade Run Ct.; Rajiv R. and Poonam Kumari; $379,270

5676 Haydens Reserve Way; David P. and Kathy J. Reynolds; $360,088

5618 Sandbrook Ln.; Tyler C. and JoAnna C. Hamilton; $229,900

4235 Ivy Crest Ct.; Asbok T. and Anita A. Patel; $390,797

3829 Pleasantbrook Dr.; Andrew W. and Angela R. Jarosik; $264,500

3542 Mark Twain Dr.; Matthew J. and Crystal L. Dougherty; $263,000

New Albany

7169 Fernridge Dr.; James M. and Lisa H. Fredericks; $415,000

6964 New Albany Rd.; Darrell Mason Gray, II and Brittney Gray; $350,500

6877 Harper Ln.; Nakul and Jignasha Patel; $396,060

6858 Harper Ln.; Aaron P. and Annie E. Downing; $368,765

5897 Big Cypress Dr.; Matthew J. Bernosky and Lisa L. Green; $237,900

5223 Hanover Close; John C. and Kelly M. Harrison; $365,000

5137 Stonhope Rd.; Matthew A. Pliskin and Jacqueline Clements-Pliskin; $345,000

4155 Cobbler Rd.; Richard L. and Margaret H. Sheppard; $239,900

3947 Reynoldsburg-New Albany Rd.; Adolph V. Lombardi, Jr.; $470,000

1257 Fareharm Dr.; Richard E. Boyce, Jr. and Kathleen S. Boyce; $312,500


7156 Cypress Dr.; Maryelizabeth and Wolfgang William R. Crawford; $315,000

6302 Spring Run Dr.; Casey D. and Lori S. Curtis; $499,900

6032 Weathered Oak Ct.; Valerie Skeese; $450,000

5424 Via Alvito Dr.; Joseph S. and Dina Milano; $750,000

5389 Ketterington Ln.; Erik S. and Dana A. McLaughlin; $339,900

99 S. Spring Rd.; Jeffrey B. Travis and Cynthia D. Petry; $200,000

857 Thirlwall Ct.; Brooke and Erik Green; $201,760

8130 Treebrook Ln.; Chris S. and Lindsay N. Dorka; $239,900

73 W. Plum St.; Gregory F. Bratton and Christin B. Durbin; $234,000

701 Ozem Gardner Way; Yuk Ping Leung; $211,000

697 Lakeland Dr.; John E. Reynolds; $151,000

681 Colony Dr.; David S. and Allison A. Harris; $175,000

66 E. Park St.; Amanda Wallace and Kyloe Herlihy; $189,000

6152 Benon Rd.; Sue E. Moore; $189,000

608 Brook Run Dr.; Jason D. Montgomery and Karen E. Stone; $371,400

6035 Jamesport Dr.; Larry A. and Pamela S. Shoaf; $248,904

5978 Treven Way; Jodi M. Colteryahn; $173,000

5699 Asherton Woods Dr.; Martha L. Lytle; $220,900

1247 E. College Ave.; James E. and Janet Everett; $308,000

108 N. Lyndale Dr.; William Z. and Allison N. Carman; $235,000

1066 Lakegrove Ct.; Victor A. and Jamie L. Linnenbom; $208,000


793 Pinecliff Pl.; Jason T. Penshorn; $545,000

6855 Alloway St. W.; Joel and Krista Steiner; $285,000

653 Alta View Ct.; David and Lisa Robison; $75,900

5760 Indianola Ave.; Nilo D. Arcilla and Kristen R. Wethington; $193,000

365 Ridgedale Rd.; Michael R. and Dana M. Gierut; $289,500

1066 Worthington Woods Blvd., Unit 18; Robert W. Bailey; $76,000

Canal Winchester

6797 Raybear Dr.; Matthew M. Johnson; $124,000

6404 Stretton Pl.; Dennis R. Dickerson; $174,900

6227 Fairway Ln.; Karen R. and Farley H. Piper, Trustees; $174,600

5608 Conn House Dr.; Nancy Elizabeth Hunt; $128,000

5566 Harvest Curve Ln.; Sevana T. and Kyle A. Kynard; $175,525

322 Old Meadows Ct.; Elizabeth M. Shiflet; $183,000

288 N. Sarwil Dr.; Walter David and Sondra L. Wallingford; $140,000


6092 Lindridge Ct.; Igor and Katie Chmil; $267,500

5485 Wellcrest Ct.; Seth and Corrie L. Hostetler; $149,900

Grove City

6367 Buckeye Path Dr. N.; Randel D. and Leona K. Browning; $174,000

6282 Carol Ann Ct.; Eunice D. Eason; $155,000

6007 Grant Run Estates Dr.; Lee J. Homan; $190,900

4645 Snowy Meadow Dr.; Dale E. and Virginia A. Niemiec; $187,000

3449 Liberty St.; Tiffany J. and John D. Mosny; $111,000

2880 Creith Ct.; Cynthia M. Olari; $122,000

2825 Longridge Way; Sarah H. and Brian Breeckner; $259,000

2815 Woods Crescent; Ronnie L. and Michelle M. Gallion; $279,900

2618 Kenny Ln.; James H. Allen, II; $174,900

2573 Stoney Way; Jonathan C. Rodgers and Samantha A. Rodgers; $117,000

1955 Sunridge Dr.; Randolph Q. and Barbara A. Smith; $265,900

1913 Forestwind Dr.; Olivia Y. Leonard; $125,000

1900 Tournament Way; James W. and Susan D. Sanford; $343,696

1535 Fairway Dr.; Thomas D. Schulte, Jr.; $425,500

1488 River Trail Dr.; Edward J. and Carlene Behanna; $214,000

1463 Eber Lea Vista; Elaine E. and Marc S. Williams; $256,953

1294 Ironwood Dr.; Daniel L. Eckel; $450,000

1292 Cloudstone Ct.; Michael D. Davis; $170,000

German Village

835 Mohawk St.; David V. and Anne C. Ring; $540,000

646 S. Pearl St.; Michael E. McGookey; $215,000

640 S. Fifth St.; David A. and Michele M. Whitaker; $403,000

575 S. Ninth St.; Nathan J. Kaufman; $300,500

427 E. Deshler Ave.; Jane C. Cammann; $289,900

181 Frebis Ave.; Jeffrey Donovan; $182,000

1030 Jaeger St.; Ricky Vega; $340,000


2399 Commonwealth Park S.; Thomas R. Davis, Trustee; $1,800,000

172 N. Ardmore Rd.; Adam McCool and Staci McCool; $303,000

Downtown Columbus

579 E. Rich St., Unit 102; William A. Kutasy, Jr.; $252,000

106 N. High St., Unit 707; Robert E. Horvat; $300,000

1 Miranova Pl., Unit 1940; Miranova Holdings, LLC; $425,000

Upper Arlington

4880 Old Bridge Dr.; Fifth Third Bank; $765,000

4534 Elderberry Ct.; Atanas Rountev and Lauren Sanders; $450,000

3954 Newhall Rd.; Stephen M. and Diane E. Conley; $535,000

3895 Farlington Dr.; Pamela Allen and Mary E. Duafala; $717,000

1632 McCoy Rd.; Peter Constantinides; $310,000

1143 Millcreek Ct.; Matthew Cooper; $636,500

1033 Old Henderson Rd.; Linna Morgan and Anna Krupovlyanskova; $450,000

2607 Woodstock Rd.; Robert Shawn and Jennifer J. Metz; $218,000

2201 Farleigh Rd.; Ryan L. Fimmen; $365,400

2096 Elgin Rd.; Thomas A. and Mary Ellen Grywalski; $875,000


996 Inverness Gln.; Bradley T. Kirkbride; $249,000

8848 Chevington Ct. Nw; Molly Marteney; $228,000

11752 Chanticleer Dr. Nw; Carol Ann Preston; $203,000

113 Monebrake Dr.; Richard S. Kincaid; $170,000