Which area of Franklin County has the hottest real estate market right now? How much did that house sell for down the street? How much are homes in your community compared to homes across town?

Which area of central Ohio has the hottest real estate market right now? How much did that house sell for down the street? How much are homes in your community compared to homes across town?

You'll find the answers to those questions in ThisWeek's exclusive Top 100 Real Estate Deals This Week. This list picks out 100 of the area's home and condominium transactions for a given week. All sales occurred within the ThisWeek circulation area.

Listed here is the address of the property sold, the buyer's name and the sale price for the week of 09/17/15. All information is provided by CompuName of Westerville.


1509 Shale Run Dr; Victoria Gilat; $737,500

3320 Braumiller Rd; Joseph Michael Long; $495,000

7459 Overland Trl; Michael P and Jessica K Reznik; $490,000

6746 Fall Brook Trl; Anthony James and Lindsey Marie Bursic; $474,900

6565 Section Line Rd; Neil B Austin and Marcia Bockbrader; $314,900

3453 Old State Rd; Benjamin E and Shante M Stitt; $279,900

2090 Berlin Station Rd; Kevin W and Brooke N Lownie; $266,000

1521 Us Highway 42; Christina D Guttke; $251,000

235 Christian St; Joshua A Pruitt; $246,224

329 Benjamin St; Kevin and Crystal Seeley; $245,361

387 Franklin St; James M and Kathrina E White; $221,500


2289 Maple Leaf Ct.; David A. Varwig and Mary R. Varwig; $477,500

7174 Fox Lake Dr.; Charles B. Wise; $363,000

8085 Willow Brook Crossing Dr.; Richard A. Selleck and Richard E. Fouts; $215,000

1569 Bent Maple Dr.; Lawrence A. Nkemki and Ernestine A. Tasong; $205,900


7931 Old Oak Ln; Samuel and Rachelle Wesstenskow; $1,230,000

7130 Rob Roy Dr; Joshua A Febus and Allison P Sidwell; $450,000

5839 Rothesay Ct; Colleen S Embi; $364,000

10429 Mackenzie Way; Giridhar and Shobagiri Singh; $900,000

5726 Ennishannon Pl.; John String and Judith String; $462,500

6613 Strathern Ct.; Steven T. Miller and Shelley L. Miller; $440,000

5650 Tynecastle Loop; Karl Heinz Mueller and Birgit M. Mueller; $387,000

6466 Weston Circle W.; Benjamin Scott Bauman and Aubrey S. Bauman; $380,000

5193 Avery Oak Dr.; Pamela Swain; $270,000

5200 Pyramid Falls Dr.; Naoto Goto; $205,000

5619 Eagle River Dr.; Nikhil M. Titare and Johanna M. Cook; $177,347

5607 Eagle River Dr.; Jason M. Tierney and Dana A. Justice; $176,938

5501 Rainbow Falls St.; Barbara J. Davis; $175,000

5613 Eagle River Dr.; Bethany L. Grate; $172,816

7461 Wellington Reserve Ct.; Jennifer A. McHale; $913,707

6306 Memorial Dr.; Lance M. Lowery and Christina E. Lowery; $554,610

8181 Balloch Ct.; James Kirby White and Eileen Barredo White; $437,000

7300 Pueblo Ct.; Jason Willis and Michelle Grisvard; $339,000

7681 Brandbury Pl.; Eric D. Corll and Elizabeth L. Corll; $330,000

5055 Broxburn Ct.; Ying Xia and Kun Bian; $318,000

6948 Mesquite Ct.; Charles A. Will and Linda S. Will; $305,000

5883 Dunabbey Loop; Michael E. Reardon; $270,000

7551 Ashland Ct.; Steven G. Himes and Terri L. Himes; $267,900

5882 Dunliam Pl.; Glenn Brown and Judith Brown; $254,000

3151 Strathaven Ct.; Trinada Varma Koppella and Rodha Koppella; $216,500

6047 Landsbury Ct.; Michael S. Zink and Sarah E. Zink; $187,000

3112 Frobisher Ave.; Harjyot Singh, Kritijyot Singh and Tejinder Singh; $172,900


4880 Nadine Park Dr.; Aaron Rasor and Beth Rasor; $404,900

4176 Stargrass Ct.; Amir Eylon and Karen Eylon; $370,000

3402 Woodland Dr.; Michael G. Molner and Lisa M. Ehrman; $364,513

4698 Huntwicke Dr.; Jack C. Whiting; $332,000

3409 Woodland Dr.; Brian Higdon and Lindsay Lapen; $320,473

5615 Eventing Way; Christine M. Bukovac and Norma E. Bukovac; $312,995

4176 Cloudberry Ct.; James W. Carey and Nancy M. Carey; $310,000

5995 Hampton Corners N. ; Stacey L. Gellner and Steven Gellner; $308,000

5751 Walterway Dr.; Ross Devore and Kristine Devore; $300,000

2947 Bohlen Dr.; David E. Finkenbinder and Melanie K. Finkenbinder; $285,500

6224 Strider Ave.; Larry L. Marioth and Kelleen R. Marioth; $280,000

5452 Fox Hill Rd.; Suzanne A. Ford and James C. Ford; $269,900

3084 Bennison Ct.; R. Eric Hessenauer and Jean E. Hessenauer; $252,000

4869 Ashleigh Dr.; John T. Roettger and Karen B. Roettger; $231,095

6000 MacNabb Ct.; Jeffrey P. Racz; $231,000

2509 Charles Mill Dr.; Joseph G. Swary and Christina M. Swary; $229,900

2393 Oakthorpe Dr.; Joseph Q. Swartz; $219,497

5001 Radstock Ct.; Heather O. Bennett and Edward C. Bennett; $212,212

5224 Gillette Ave.; Olin R. Rife and Jessica L. Foust; $175,000

5031 Inspiration Dr.; Patrick L. Dembski and Sandra O. Dembski; $174,032

New Albany

7200 Ashcombe Ct.; Joseph J. Saoud and Isabel C. Saoud; $1,125,000

22 Wiveliscombe Dr.; Albert Ndereyima-Na and Jeanine Uwimana; $939,000

6887 New Albany Links Dr.; Stacy A. Thompson; $465,000

1347 Dunrovin Dr.; Kristine L. Yerico and Nicholas J. Yerico; $379,900

8418 Tournus Way; Baskaran T. Venkatachalam and Thavamani Baskaran; $368,000

6694 Upper Brook Way; Zachary Kruesi and Caitlin Kruesi; $305,000

1593 Harrison Pond Dr.; William J. Stemen and Judith A. Stemen; $289,000

7435 Bevelhymer Rd.; Robert J. Riddle; $272,000

3839 Pine Meadow Rd.; Adam J. Chmielewski and Linda Meas-Chmielewski; $258,000

5463 Tathwell Dr.; Gary L. Evans and Alice Evans; $254,900

8187 Parsons Pass ; Allen Goldberg; $240,000

7375 Central College Rd.; Aaron M. Yorde and Sarah M. Yorde; $238,000

7269 Winterbek Ave.; Jacob D. Smith and Sarah K. Blackburn; $234,500


5270 Brighton Pl; Carlos E and Maria Renee Sanchez; $925,000

1626 Daventry Ln; John Michael and Traci Jo Ritter; $657,000

7868 Coldwater Dr; Alan D and Sandra N Steginsky; $606,175

1511 Picardae Ct; Alan K Wolery and Rachel l Curtis Wolery; $566,080

2459 Friesian Ln; Ryan N and Jennifer L Lawrence; $546,236

2563 Isabella Blue Dr; Vijaya B asd Shiva J Vydula; $532,232

525 Thrush Rill; Charles B Schiele Jr and Carrie L Schiele; $470,000

7747 Polo Ln; Robert and Lara Harrison; $450,000

2446 Friesian Ln; Ian W and Kristin S Biever; $444,278

8499 Trail Lake Dr; Scott V and Dawn S Aronhalt; $442,000

2419 Friesian Ln; Aaron M and Rachel L Ross; $436,037

418 Keisel Ct; Jonathan C and Christina L Mauch; $435,000

2399 Friesian Ln; Rakesh Nallavalli; $415,409

2319 Bryton Dr; Jason J and Laura M Gilbert; $410,000

2489 Friesian Ln; Saritha Arra and Ganga Satish; $409,112

2409 Friesian Ln; Appalaraju Reddi and Dasari Ramadevi; $365,157

184 Wallsend Ct; Thomas A and Emily E Fermier; $338,000

5540 Sunset Ct; Jason A and Megan R Myers; $328,000

3446 Timberside Dr; Larry and Marsha Calder; $205,900

3644 Orchard Way; Charles L and Susan D Dobkins; $197,900


7948 Marble Park Ave.; Brian C. Beaudrie; $263,000

8192 Bellow Park Dr.; Suzanne Callion; $155,000

8158 Slate Ridge Blvd; Dujuan R and Diahana Walker; $222,500

9032 Kingsley Dr; Seth Humphries; $216,500

320 Bristol Dr; Timothy A Carr; $208,000

8388 Emerick Close; Kyle E and Marci L Johnsen; $194,500

16 Thomas Ln; Stephen R and Lara M Adkins; $169,900

8749 Ormiston Cir; Govinda and Devi Maya Bhandari; $159,900


4631 Sanctuary Dr; James A and Stacy R Giebler; $521,605

8108 Rookery Way; Noelle W Arnold etal; $499,900

6536 Wesley Way; Robert T and Carla M Snider; $495,000

5686 Lake Forest Way; Jack and Jan R Halada; $440,000

6639 Meadow Glen Dr; Craig W and Kimberly A Downey; $430,000

6887 Meadow Glen Dr; D Nicholas Rees and J Lynne Hartman; $425,000

7790 Mikayla Dr; Linda L Hanby; $405,000

5858 Honors Ct; Kenton and Briana Esbenshade; $320,000

6737 Seckel Dr; Michael R Toth II and Jennifer S Toth; $279,000

6951 Maple Hill Dr; Emily K and Jeffrey E Krebs; $250,500

6498 Steinbeck Way; Jennifer A Bennet; $237,000

7415 Burson Springs Ct; Neil S Branson; $235,000

6730 Paul Rd; Maggie L Roe and Brian J Darrow; $214,400

7727 Red Maple Pl; Barbara A Baehr; $207,900

5528 Meadowood Ln; Helen Brown; $182,000

4511 Central College Rd.; David N. Myhal, Trustee of The Revocable Living Trust; $765,000

7300 Cubbage Rd.; Takao Okamoto and Miyako Okamoto; $514,000

6195 Saunders Way; Stephen Williams and Karen P. Williams; $313,061

5887 Parchment Dr., Unit 5887; Gregory A. Kreps and Mame J. Fuller; $276,846

5164 Longrifle Rd.; Christopher L. Dunsmore; $273,000

6138 Prosen Dr.; David A. Moody and Dana M. Moody; $259,593

825 Wackeman Ct.; Michael R. Rudy and Taryn S. Rudy; $254,900

1107 Carousel Ct.; Rebecca J. Randelin; $250,000

7991 Howell Ct.; Brian M. Ayers; $244,000

5935 Course Dr.; Jaclyn Kolovich; $212,000

552 E. College Ave.; John McGarvey and Linda McGarvey; $209,000

353 S. Sunbury Rd.; Jeff Avery; $202,000

8117 Manitou Dr.; J. Lawrence Hutta and Dawn Hutta; $200,000

857 E. Walnut St.; Vivian D. Gilchrist and Gene Gilchrist; $180,500

4770 Crazy Horse Ln. Unit 8; Adam C. Wolf and Shannon L. Wolf; $178,000

4797 Crazy Horse Ln.; Susan E. Cooper; $176,000

332 S. Knox St.; Lauren L. Duffey and Zachary C. Duffey; $175,000


125 W. New England Ave.; Scott Hamilton and Katherine Hamilton; $625,000

6077 Olentangy River Rd.; David M. Scott and April R. Scott; $490,000

835 Troon Trail; Robert J. Reinbolt and Suzanne M. Reinbolt; $359,900

6763 Lakeside Circle; Nam H. Vo and Shu-Ling Vo; $340,000

301 Park Blvd.; Katharine Irene Walsh and Michael Andrew Sandor; $280,000

215 St. Antoine St.; Kurt Gatterdam; $220,000

1392 Abbeyhill Dr.; Bryn McKnight and Brittany McKnight; $212,000

456 Park Blvd.; Ryan L. Graham and Megan M. Graham; $199,900

7464 through 7648 Deer Creek Dr.; Kyle A. Knapp; $198,000

Canal Winchester

6633 Evendale Ct.; Dawn Bobst and Charles Bobst; $290,000

7238 Old Creek Ln.; Christopher R. Kraft; $210,000

5586 Lehman Meadows Dr.; Vincent G. Nervez, Dianne L. Nervez and Remus T. Nervez; $181,800

6666 Lakeview Circle, Unit 6666; John A. Cruey and Linda L. Cruey; $155,400

Grove City

5707 Rensch Rd.; Brett M. Holley; $319,000

1406 Pinnacle Club Dr.; Cathy S. Herbert; $302,900

905 Pinnacle Club Dr.; Emma J. Slusser; $290,455

1973 Tournament Way; Richard G. Hutchings and Menra F. Hutchings; $266,828

1588 Chippewa Ct.; Robert D. Jech and Erin K. Jech; $265,000

1296 Great Hunter Dr.; Carl R. Harr and Amy Harr; $235,000

3932 Mad River Rd.; Kim R. Campbell and Sean L. Campbell; $217,076

3202 Callie Marie Dr.; Richard J. Jarden and Susan S. Jarden; $211,535

5000 Apple Glen Trail; Stephen D. Brown and Bernadine Brown; $210,000

3198 Callie Marie Dr.; Gregory L. Zorich and Jeanne Zorich; $197,082

3969 Black Pine Dr.; Deeoa Qoje and Osman W. Egal; $186,000

4563 Edgarton Dr.; Joseph Russolillo and Sarah Russolillo; $181,624

2136 Legends Dr.; Gary C. Stoll, Sr. and June E. Stoll; $177,990

2590 Landings Way; Gary L. Link and Ronda A. Link; $174,900

3400 Brook Spring Dr.; Sterling L. Saffold; $167,900

2519 Linbaugh Rd.; Abdihakim Sugow and Fartun Diriye; $158,000

6250 Moundview Pl.; Shannon M. Boswell and Chrissy L. Boswell; $155,000

2369 Spring Cress Ave.; Karen M. May; $154,900


56 N. Stanwood Rd.; Randy J. Sokol; $740,000

182 S. Dawson Ave.; Edward H. Cahill and Stephanie R. Cahill; $374,900

710 S. Cassingham Rd.; Ronda J. Cress; $282,900

327 S. Chesterfield Rd.; David B. Pariser and Deborah S. Pariser; $275,000

1245 Haddon Rd.; Feigue Cieplinski; $240,000

879 S. Roosevelt Ave.; Craig Robert Maas and Danielle Marie Maas; $227,000

559 Enfield Rd.; Jane A. Holden; $182,500

894 Grandon Ave.; Adam J. Schwartz and Meghan Graul; $180,022

2829 Bryden Rd.; Brian Leonard and Amy Leonard; $164,900

227 S. Broadleigh Rd.; Holly P. Fahey and Benjamin M. Babeaux; $164,650


1902 Tremont Rd.; Linda F. Dimon and Stephen D. Simon, Sr.; $580,000

1406 Broadview Ave.; Owais T. Rana Omar Qaiser; $540,000

2019 Wyandotte Ave.; Alexandra M. Seiling and Clark B. Seiling; $469,900

1768 Bedford Rd.; Tricia L. Petras and Robert J. Petras, Jr.; $459,900

1897 W. First Ave.; Matthew D. Ufferman and Kathryn S. Ufferman; $388,000

1350 Sunrise Ave.; Mackenzie L. Fazekas and Kim M. Scibelli; $275,000


791 E. Strawberry Hill Rd.; Chad E. Brosher; $239,900

5780 Buck Run Dr.; Nicholas Ramirez and Heidi Hansand; $219,000

5971 Eiger Dr.; Jerry L. Groves and Linda D. Groves; $218,805

990 Barberry Ln.; Trisha A. Gardner and Aaron Gardnder; $179,500


220 E. Dunedin Rd.; Stephen M. Hovick and Shelly R. Hovick; $335,000

87 E. Dunedin Rd.; Phillip A. Weisenbach and Lisa A. McDonald; $333,000

241 Glenmont Ave.; Donald E. Bringardner, III; $280,000

611 Garden Rd.; Mary C. Russ and Matthew B. Long; $225,500

63 E. Beechwold Blvd.; Emily Hyatt and Robert Hyatt; $209,000

203 E. Jeffrey Pl.; Jennifer A. Baker and Cody E. Lyons; $155,000

Upper Arlington

4085 Edgehill Dr.; Jon E. Roeckelein and Renee M. Roeckelein; $565,000

5223 Slatey Hollow Ln.; Luay Mousa and Shoghik Akoghianian; $515,763

4265 Reedbury Ln.; Heather M. Buck; $450,000

5067 Henderson Heights Rd.; Jeffrey J. Buffer and Lisa R. Buffer; $290,000

1346 to 1348 Cambrian Ct.; Aubree Jones and Taylor Jones; $239,000

2760 Asbury Dr.; Sarah Benson Hatcher and Brett Richard Hatcher; $1,100,000

1685 Berkshire Rd.; Joseph S. Duffy and Alexis Duffy; $627,000

3060 Lane Woods Ct.; Robert J. Gorman and Kathleen G. Gorman; $552,000

2044 Wyandotte Rd.; Kelly A. Bailey; $533,900

2675 Camden Rd.; Jeffrey E. Travis and Rachel Travis; $477,000

2705 Andover Rd.; Christopher V. Parkinson and Falan H. Parkinson; $451,000

1856 Berkshire Rd.; Michael Easterday and Kristen A. Easterday; $410,000

1351 Kingsgate Rd.; Adam D. Lowe and Kirsten L. Fell; $380,000

3093 Mountview Rd.; Cassandra L. Johnson and Adam L. Johnson; $344,350

2641 Westmont Blvd.; Michael Cobetto and Kei Cobetto; $326,000

2560 Zollinger Rd.; Kyle Schmitmeyer and Diana Schmitmeyer; $310,500

1385 Ridgeview Rd.; Sean Tuttle and Rebecca R. Tuttle; $305,000

2256 Zollinger Rd.; Eduardo V. Pedroza; $234,900

2513 Woodstock Rd.; Mary F. Schmitt; $201,000

West Side

1540 Cole Rd.; Lisa W. LeFevre and Scott D. LeFevre; $239,900

3679 Cypress Creek Dr.; Jacob Rinehart and Stephanie Kunz; $195,000

5662 Alliance Way; Jared A. McKinley and Adriana A. McKinley; $174,492

5646 Alliance Way; Michael T. Tyson and Melissa R. Prossack; $163,570

3853 Quail Hollow Dr.; Michael J. Montgomery; $163,000

1005 Rowland Ave.; Andrew J. Vest; $163,000

1050 Savannah Dr.; Robert D. DeClerck and Heather N. DeClerck; $162,200

3916 Quail Hollow Dr.; Sopheap Khun; $159,000


682 S. Crossing Creek ; David J. Rogoski Revocable Trust; $425,000

388 Beecher Rd.; Vikas Saini and Uksha Saini; $370,000

650 Rose Way; Shaun J. Adams; $360,000

669 Rose Way; Erik L. Wilson and Jennifer A. Wilson; $357,000

627 Dark Star Ave.; Seth A. Conley and Rebecca A. Conley ; $310,675

1051 Riva Ridge Blvd.; Todd Allen Gibson; $310,000

1113 Sanctuary Pl.; Jonathan Beaty and Tristan W. Griffith; $305,000

861 Emery St.; Connie Spear and Marcus Spear; $267,800

907 Ludwig Dr.; Doreen E. Toale; $261,000

1000 Greythorne Pl.; Brian Ginnane and Nicole C. Ginnane; $257,000

488 Woodside Lake Dr.; Audrey Merz and Matthew Merz; $230,000

225 Rocky Fork Dr. S.; Stephen T. Begala and Julia E. Begala; $230,000

4009 Blue Mountain Circle; Linda S. Mayall; $201,899

140 Laura Dr.; Camille D. Gilbert and Adam Gilbert; $195,000

4501 Big Walnutview Dr.; Christian Nocera; $192,000

562 Woodbay Dr.; US Bank NA; $190,000

325 Rocky Fork Dr. S.; Krystin Gebe; $170,000

738 McDonell Pl.; Jeremy R. Miller; $160,000

Northwest Side

6893 Lakebrook Blvd.; Michael C. Grumble; $285,000

1360 Durness Ct.; Harold A. Douglass; $270,000

5355 Castle Pines ; Ruth H. Goyette; $245,000

2373 Sawbury Blvd.; Mark P. Lo Bello and Nicole S. Lo Bello; $179,000