has decided to decommission its mobile app after Jan. 29. has decided to decommission its mobile app after Jan. 29.

As ThisWeek's go-to guy on digital content, I watch for trends in the digital world while keeping in mind our primary focus of delivering local news and sports information as quickly and accurately as possible.

When making decisions for the short term - and long term, to the extent possible - we in the news industry must be aware of the evolution of smartphone technology, and we must watch for trends in how consumers - in this case, our readers - use this technology.

Mobile apps became heavily popular about a few years ago. In fact, "app" was listed as Word of the Year by theAmerican Dialect Society in 2010. More and more businesses were launching apps, hoping to capitalize on the smartphone's ability to go online while realizing its inability to render a website's display in an easy-to-read format.

That was then; this is now. The app mania of 2006 has become the app fatigue of 2016. Many websites have adjusted to users' screens, and smartphones have become even smarter.

A story from Dec. 31 listed app fatigue in its story, "8 Big Tech Trends of 2015." Likewise, posted a Nov. 29 piece, "Smartphone App Fatigue Hints At Unison Between Bitcoin and Artificial Intelligence." recognized app fatigue more than two years ago. Check out its Dec. 10, 2013, article, "App Fatigue Sets In As The Digital Revolution Ages."

We get it: We all have a few select apps that we must have, and we don't want to be bothered with the others.

So we're turning our focus to what have been our biggest traffic drivers: hyperlocal breaking news and social media.

Soon you'll notice several ThisWeek Twitter handles from our staff reporters.

We also have several community-specific Facebook pages, as well as our primary Facebook page. We're adding more, so watch for them - and like them.

Perhaps one of the biggest trends in the past decade - and it keeps growing - is video, and our entire news and sports staff will be on that bandwagon.

We're using a platform called Tout - a fusion of social networking and video. Just as Twitter uses tweets, this platform uses touts. Tout has become much more popular since Shaquille O'Neal used it to announce his retirement in June 2011.

If you're on Tout, follow ThisWeek and our reporters, who all have their own Tout profiles and who will be touting frequently in the communities we cover.

By the way, for those who enjoyed our app, we still have a mobile-friendly version of our website:

Make sure you sign up for our breaking-news alerts so you can continue to receive them on your phone.

Scott Hummel is assistant managing editor, digital, at ThisWeek Community News. Email him at