Which area of central Ohio has the hottest real estate market right now? How much did that house sell for down the street? How much are homes in your community compared to homes across town?

Which area of central Ohio has the hottest real estate market right now? How much did that house sell for down the street? How much are homes in your community compared to homes across town?

You'll find the answers to those questions in ThisWeek's exclusive Top Real Estate Deals This Week. All sales occurred within the ThisWeek circulation area.

Listed here is the address of the property sold, the buyer's name and the sale price for the week of 05/26/16. All information is provided by CompuName of Westerville.


948 Pollock Rd.; Philip L. and Teri L. Halsey; $357,000

741 Winter Rd.; Lee and Chelsea Harris; $350,500

421 Home Rd.; Timothy and Kelly Huff; $277,000

264 Cambridge Rd.; Justin M. and Kate M. Canterbury; $265,903

3224 Royal Dornoch Cir.; Arun Kimar and Priti Arun; $223,000

65 Washington St.; Steven S. Bemiller and Greta Lentz; $220,000

127 Champions Ct.; Susan K. Kubelik; $214,000


146 Longleaf St.; Mohua Haque and Zaman Abu Rahat Ashim; $315,000

580 Milnor Rd.; Jason N. and Toni Ann D. Jones; $290,000

12789 Jeffrey Dr.; Aaron M. and Megan N. Kocheff; $285,000

162 Longleaf St.; US Bank Trust NA; $235,000

760 Janice Ln.; David T. and Alyssa M. Locker; $216,000

6665 Springbrook Dr.; Jean K. and Sheridan E. St. Hilaire; $198,000

8900 Chateau Dr.; Christopher A. and Cary D. Dennis; $190,000

11268 Bridgeview Dr.; Matthew M. and Erin L. Miller; $179,900

445 Blue Jay.; Jesse James Dawson; $169,900

560 Courtland Ln.; Sarah Apking and Andrew Clark; $157,000

79 Knights Bridge Dr.; JP Morgan Chase Bank NA; $153,000


2916 Clark State Crossing ; Patrick C. Chittenden and Kelli A. Chittenden; $442,500

649 Creekpark Ct.; Shiller Dugue; $199,900

825 Holly Farms Dr.; Nick P. Wood and Andrea Wood; $182,000

76 Broadstone Circle E.; William E. Myers; $178,570

7824 Waggoner Chase Blvd.; Narad Timsina and Nar Timsina; $161,000

7894 Ashenden Dr.; Josiah D. Trumpower; $160,000; 43016; Dublin

6486 Reflections Dr., Unit A; Chris M. Miller; $77,629

5648 Newtonmore Pl.; Ernest Perez and Dilla Perez; $425,624

5628 Lantos Rd.; Victoria A. Oldham; $45,000

4966 Ivyvine Blvd.; Mohammed O. Aziz; $138,225


8840 Davington Dr.; Jordan R. and Bridget A. Sammons; $363,000

7449 Wellington Reserve Ct.; Gary Seto and Teresa Lin-Seto; $729,276

5758 Rushwood Dr.; Nathan J. Herman and Kathleen Herman; $505,000

6809 Dublin Rd.; Kathryn Czuwara and Mandy Sadowski; $472,500

5142 Reddington Ct.; Matthew D. Kyle, Tr; $350,000

7715 Cashel Ct.; Elizabeth K. Lewis and Zachary C. Lewis; $336,000

6748 Cooperstone Dr.; Hemant J. Kulkarni and Nivedita H. Kulkarni; $334,900

4187 Rings Rd.; Nathan P. Bealor and Sarah Murell; $327,500

5324 Adventure Dr.; Kevin E. Nichols; $280,000

3492 Woodland Dr.; Tam M. Bui and Jason M. Hall; $376,231

6233 Polland Place Dr.; Michael T. Thesing and Nancy A. Thesing; $322,000

5006 Cemetary Rd.; Ali Sharif Razi, Trustee of the Razi Family Trust; $265,904

4302 Bridgewater Dr.; Prisca Maynard; $258,500

3220 Andrew James Dr.; Scott E. Watkins and Sarah Watkins; $246,000

5424 Hessler Circle; Matthew C. Yankie and Lindsay M. Yankie; $222,500

2560 Windflower Rd.; Nathan B. Hamilton and Elizabeth R. Hamilton; $220,500

4218 Stream Bank Ln.; Charles E. Bushee and Paulita L. Bushee; $218,006

4860 Ashleigh Dr.; Celeste F. Bland; $208,086

New Albany

7276 Billy Goat Dr.; Chandra Teja Paladi and Anusha Parimala; $145,000

7191 Sumption Dr.; Jason M. Bowman; $452,000

7125 Winterbek Ave.; John F. Willis and Megan C. Holley; $212,500

6916 Harlan Square; Babak Maleki and Christine S. Fultz; $320,000

5425 Snider Loop; Robert David Sitrick and Mary Elizabeth Sitrick; $370,000


989 Riverpoint Ct.; Bryan D. and Lauren E. Basom; $975,000

714 Matthews Brook Ln.; Nancy E. Pettitt; $625,000

9230 Marlebury End.; Conan and Tracey Gee; $380,000

9023 Samari Pl.; Donald L. and Holly A. Stotz; $359,900

9023 Samari Pl.; Donald L. and Holly A. Stotz; $359,900

257 Wagon Trl.; Irene J. and Benjamin R. Layman; $320,000

4128 Landhigh Lakes Dr.; Kristina Ryan; $306,000

4299 Clark-Shaw Rd.; Richard and Barbara L. Cornett; $255,000


7151 Wilmar Dr.; Florence M. Holman and Tamara K. Bashore; $151,000

7430 Cherry Brook Dr.; Toni M. Farchione; $158,500

6458 Borr Ave.; Gina Marcelin; $137,400

6974 Carrousel Dr. S.; David E. Malott; $129,900

1293 Hilton Dr.; David D. Weis; $129,000


7869 Silver Lake Ct.; Eric J. Lash; $831,925

5558 Lynbrook Ln.; Karen S. and Christopher A. Powell; $589,000

6903 Bay Forest Dr.; Vivian Chum and Kurt A. Sears; $316,800

5825 Pebble Beach Pl.; Jeff E. and Linda R. Dybdahl; $313,000

6374 Hermitage Dr.; David B. Jones and Veronica L. Camera; $303,000

5722 Foxglove Pl.; Stacy and Michael Healy; $297,000

7188 Greenery Ct.; Carmen N. and Caitlin C. Marinuccii; $290,100

675 Freshwater Ct.; Patrick J. and Judith A. McCarthy; $280,000

7006 Sanders Way.; Erin K. and Craig J. Walkup; $225,500

7119 S. Hoover Reserve Ct.; Amber D. Rivello; $640,000

8250 Manitou Dr.; Martin J. Leighninger; $350,000

640 Brook Run Dr.; Andrew M. Tyre and Julie S. Tyre; $339,000

5138 Springfield Ct.; Thomas E. Dauber and Tracey L. Papenfuss; $280,000

831 Lakeway Ct. W.; Megan K. Key and Anthony L. Key; $249,900

6126 Tournament Ave.; Loire Marteney and Maryland J. Mattox-Devore; $221,500

5840 Asherton Grove ; Joyce M. Korosec and Louis B. Korosec; $218,900

258 Cherrington Rd.; Denton Lee Thompson; $215,000

5546 Breshly Way; Andrew M. Cheek; $214,000


6955 Worthington Galena Rd.; Community Banc Consulting of Ohio, Inc.; $300,000

510 Kenbrook Dr.; Amanda Page; $152,500

494 Loveman Ave.; Jerry J. Sauls and Samara M. Sauls; $199,000

195 W. Dublin Granville Rd.; HSBC Bank USA, N.A., as Trustee; $215,000

Canal Winchester

7580 Witch Hazel Dr.; Steven R. Lambert and Vernita M. Lambert; $169,990

7193 Oliver Winchester Dr.; Kasey D. Komjati and Lindsay A. Seim; $143,000

6593 Steen St.; Heather Michelle Lehman-Malinowski; $171,500

318 N. Sarwil Dr.; Donovan Keim and Jacki N. Keim; $145,000

Grove City

4465 Kay Ct.; James G. Harper and Bonita J. Harper; $315,000

4709 Barnwood Dr.; Linette R. Downie and Matthew S. Downie; $303,000

6024 Aquamarine Dr.; Bina Patel and Ketun B. Patel; $245,000

3266 Callie Marie Dr.; Katherine A. Brooks; $209,990


412 E. Oakland Ave., Unit #414; Michael Bonasera and Gretchen M. Bonasera; $368,000

400 Wyandotte Ave.; Willy Cheung; $200,000

372 Brynhild Rd.; David F. Cooper and Candace C. Cooper; $454,450

190 Tibet Rd.; Drew T. Meyeres and Katherine A. Fye; $285,000

654 Overlook Dr.; Jonathan L. Zornes and Shawn M. Compton; $285,000

515 Overbrook Dr.; Joseph N. Feeney and Jonathan A. Klingler; $430,000

461 Arden Rd.; Ryan L. Dezso; $292,700

46 Garden Rd.; Michael Whitlow and Joanne Whitlow; $295,000

208 Northridge Rd.; Andrew D. Helser and Jose C. Bautista; $325,000


110 Park Dr.; Brian A. Basil, Tr; $1,400,000

648 Euclaire Ave.; Racheal A. Devine and Christopher D. Devine; $281,000

1043 Chelsea Ave.; Christina L. Foster; $177,500

512 Stanbery Ave.; Jonathan Allen Dixon and Grace Patridge Dixon; $175,000

2934 Bryden Rd.; Julie A. Clark; $158,000


1807 Kings Ct., Unit A; Andrew A. Parolini; $159,900

1710 Kenny Rd.; Andrew J. Wilkinson and Nicholas Wilkinson; $189,050

1631 Roxbury Rd., Apt. A2; Ranjit Ganguly and Sanjoy Ganguly; $130,950

Upper Arlington

4020 Longhill R.; Brent A. Kaleta and Lindsay M. Kaleta; $483,000

2175 Glenmere Rd.; Stephanie M. McManis and Jeren T. Luken; $415,000

3915 Chiselhurst Pl.; Brian E. Supsak and Maria Supsak; $343,000

2197 Sandston Rd.; Jason R. Beaver; $280,000

4318 Kendale Rd.; Holly A. Beal and Andrew P. Malone; $259,500

869 Havendale Dr.; Todd A. Starker and Sharla Starker; $250,000

1018 Havendale Dr.; Dean Melchi, Tr; $229,000

2338 Abington Rd.; Diane K. Neville and Christopher B. Neville; $899,900

2266 S. Dorchester Rd.; Jeffrey Smith and Meredith A. Smith; $645,000

2339 Eastcleft Dr.; Brian M. Ramey and Dallas Williamson; $330,000

2255 Cranford Rd.; Scott C. Wilkie; $255,000

3540 Polley Rd.; David S. Leake; $225,000


225 Farmwood Pl.; Sue-Ann Wieging and David A. Wieging; $350,000

687 Vivian Ct.; James M. Arnsby and Mary K. Arnsby; $349,900

388 Evelyn Ln.; Dewana E. Farley and Matthew B. Sellers; $303,276

415 Whitley Dr.; Andrew J. Grunder; $283,500

570 Lake Knoll Ct.; Abdulla Abdi; $267,000

508 Mechwart Pl.; David A. Hkoff and Roberta L. Hkoff; $265,000

4298 Nafzger Dr.; Qi He and Coco Liu; $252,000

831 Humboldt Dr. W.; Jay Ofat and Angel Poynter; $199,900

4342 Portobello Dr.; Gabriel Watt and Jennifer Watt; $199,000

3984 Lavender Ridge Dr.; Bridgette N. Forson and Ernest K. Afful; $193,516

Northwest Side

1157 Baumock Burn Dr.; Mark Pi, Jr. and Ammy Pi; $380,000

7142 Shetland St.; Jeffrey A. Popio and Heather L. Popio; $361,000

8153 Linden Leaf Circle; Firdaus Berdiev; $337,200

5227 Linworth Rd.; Bradley Thomas Heffron and Phoebe Brooke Heffron; $325,000

270 Chriswood Ct.; Robert L. Greer and Billie B. Greer; $318,000

1412 Snowmass Rd.; Timothy A. Sholl and Julia K. Sholl; $270,000