Wolf's Ridge Brewing will serve its Tap Room guests a new menu.

Wolf's Ridge Brewing will serve its Tap Room guests a new menu.

The downtown brewpub, 215 N. Fourth St., now offers a full complement of tavern fare exclusive to its casual Tap Room.

"It's not going to be the normal brewpub food," chef Seth Lassak said.

Instead, patrons can sup on duck confit tacos, country pork pate, corn bisque and stylized caprese salad made with burrata, a fresh cheese using mozzarella and cream, pesto and heirloom tomatoes.

Some popular dishes on the restaurant's main dining-room menu will be moved to the Tap Room, such as the Kentucky-fried chicken sandwich, jambalaya and mole-braised pork shoulder.

Most dishes are $8 to $15; larger plates top out at $26.

Several bar snacks, offered since the Tap Room opened in January 2015, will remain. They include barbecue pork rinds, potato chips and French onion dip, garlic fries, bread-and-butter pickles and chips and salsa.

Alan and Bob Szuter, the father-and-son founders of Wolf's Ridge, have installed a full kitchen to service the Tap Room.

The front kitchen wasn't large enough to accommodate both dining venues.

"We did this because we were not able to create the complete experience we wanted to," Bob Szuter said.

Meanwhile, the front dining room will remain a showcase for Lassak's upscale techniques and higher-priced entrees.

They include grouper, scallops, lamb chops and saffron-corn risotto. Prices are $17 to $39.

Assorted small plates, such as Nueske's pork belly and vichyssoise, will remain.

The 2,300-square-foot Tap Room has a warehouse appearance with few embellishments.

Patrons sit at communal tables and share space with two towering 45-gallon stainless fermenters and a conditioning tank where the beer matures and carbonates.

The pub offers 24 taps, 20 dedicated to house brews and the other four to wine.

Kitchen hours at the Tap Room are 4 to 10 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday, 3 to 11 p.m. Friday, noon to 11 p.m. Saturday and noon to close on Sunday. For more information, call 614-429-3936.


Here's the latest scoop from the Polaris area: Graeter's Ice Cream opened a store last week at 8749 Sancus Blvd.

The 2,856-square-foot location, which features a drive-thru, takes over a former Caribou Coffee storefront.

The newest Graeter's is joining the entire Cincinnati-based chain by offering a surprise flavor every other Monday.

So far, three flavors have been released: Mexican chocolate, orange and cream, and banana chocolate chip. Five additional specials will be featured through Aug. 19.

"We only make small batches of it, so when it's gone it's gone," said Alexandra Brazie, a spokeswoman for Graeter's.

Also this summer, Graeter's plans to open its first stores in Cleveland and Pittsburgh, as well as a second location near Chicago.


Starliner Diner reopened in early June after relocating to a new Hilliard address.

The iconic eatery, which spent 22 years at 5240 Cemetery Road, earned plaudits for its Cuban-inspired menu, numerous breakfast options and funky decor.

It was closed about a month before reopening June 3 at 4121 E. Main St. in Old Hilliard.