Which area of central Ohio has the hottest real estate market right now? How much did that house sell for down the street? How much are homes in your community compared to homes across town?

You'll find the answers to those questions in ThisWeek's exclusive Top Real Estate Deals This Week. All sales occurred within the ThisWeek circulation area.

Listed here is the address of the property sold, the buyer's name and the sale price for the week of 11/3/16. All information is provided by CompuName of Westerville.


945 Farmington Ln.; Dale M. Kortum; $340,894

7390 Falls View Cir.; Betty Dunlap; $223,000

7244 Slate Bend Dr.; Jan J. and James H. Gibbons; $380,000

592 Lehner Woods Blvd.; Robert M. Heidrick and Susan Rickman; $264,000

418 Benjamin St.; Richard A. and Kristine Hodge; $240,690

311 Gelder Dr.; Laurel J. and Jeffrey W. Burns; $396,000


500 Stream Isle Dr.; Subrahmanya K. Kalidindi; $387,500

4795 Creek View Ct.; Christina L. Fowler and Aaron Shane Irvin; $397,000

2689 Secretariat Ct.; Christopher A. and Elizabeth F. Wells; $539,454

2685 Secretariat Ct.; Vijay and Sapna Shetty; $485,138

2478 Triple Crown Xing.; John M. and Delores K. Helms; $430,558


572 Fields Meadow Dr.; David and Sabrina Klinedinst; $269,900


9816 Haverford Pl.; Chad and Megan Harris; $279,000

450 Wooster St.; Lori C. and Anthony J. Patterson; $219,000

300 Olde Mound Ln.; Gary Cockerham; $202,000

217 Postage Cir.; Deloris M. Croxall and Robert C. McCafferty; $212,900

168 Jamie Lynn Cir.; Margaret M. Camden, tr.; $249,000

128 Tallow St.; Irving L. and Sheena Rosenberg; $348,500

127 Fox Glen Dr.; Saul C. and Ruth M. Lowery; $270,000


8851 Sunart Ct.; Barbara R. and Paul C. Velasco; $459,000

8108 Flynn Ln.; Jill M. Olding, tr.; $560,000

7870 Tartan Fields Dr.; Jim and Renee Palmer; $729,000

7303 Deacon Ct.; Peter Hong Ung and Chae Lyun Lee; $960,000

6565 Tantallon Sq.; Raymond F. Culley and Martha A. Culley; $459,000

6330 Wismer Circle; Mia S. Weddell and William C. Wilson; $307,500

5770 Glendavon Pl.; Laurie L. Rushevics and Brian J. Liening; $587,752

5734 Ennishannon Pl.; R. Joseph Hrach and Peggy B. Hrach; $627,500

5719 Ellis Brook Dr.; Jonathan H. Morris and Stella B. Morris; $223,000

8544 Cartney Ct.; Spencer L. Jacobs; $417,000

8525 Gullane Ct.; Norbert M. D'Souza and Jina C. D'Souza; $339,500

7488 Maynooth Dr.; Tamra R. Boroff; $275,000

5745 Newbank Circle, Unit 905; James D. McMillen; $313,725

5404 Adventure Dr.; Hoda Yousef and Ahmed Arsalan; $319,900

3042 Dunlavin Way; Michael Hwang and Jordan Leigh Wylie Hwang; $185,000

302 Longbranch Dr.; Carol E. McClain and Tyler A. McClain; $162,400


8205 Roberts Rd.; Bridget Jeannette Freisthler and Karl R. Creek; $435,000

5911 Collier Hill Dr.; Joseph A. Shields and Evelyn M. Henley-Shields; $235,000

5688 Apricot Ln.; Ahmed K. Abbas and Nagham K. Almusawi; $125,000

5091 Dixon Dr.; Jessica L. O'Brien and Michael P. O'Brien; $266,750

5019 Claymill Dr.; David J. Miller and Dana L. Miller; $268,000

4969 Edgeley Dr.; Lee A. Hays and Carrie B. Hays; $265,000

4961 Heatherview Rd.; Terry G. Jones, Jr. and Meghan A. Jones; $217,000

4946 Davidson Run Dr.; Andrew T. Dennison and Danielle N. Dennison; $256,000

4936 Davidson Run Dr.; Vance Houseworth and Jenna Houseworth; $270,000

4770 Club Park Dr., Unit 1-4770; Linda Vitale; $237,500

4401 Swenson St.; Bryan E. Garber and Michelle Garber; $212,500

4138 Coventry Manor Way; Paige Caulley; $216,000

3860 Schirtzinger Rd.; Amanda Goldsmith and Andrew Ackerman; $229,000

3465 Woodland Dr.; Jeremy Williams and Erin Williams; $411,408

3425 Woodland Dr.; Thomas J. Harrison and Pau-Jean Rai; $346,000

New Albany

8235 Parsons Pass ; Charles Hovorka and Laura J. Regan; $257,000

7803 Straits Ln.; Steven R. Parman and Denise M. Brummer-Parman; $547,500

7528 Fenway Rd.; Christopher Iobst and Nina Iobst; $1,250,000

7422 New Albany Links Dr.; Geoffrey Guss and Courtney Guss; $610,000

7203 Waterston Dr.; Real Title Holdings, LLC; $1,540,000

6950 Joysmith Circle; Melvin J. Baskerville, Jr. and Renee Baskerville; $252,000

6946 Camden Dr.; Craig A. Belair, Sr. and Gail L. Belair; $260,000

6863 Wentworth Dr.; Jatinder S. Sethi and Mandeep Sethi; $513,810

6446 Herb Garden Ct.; Jennifer L. Betta and Anthony T. Betta; $280,000

6435 Harlem Rd.; Nicholas A. Smith and Heather Smith; $273,000


880 Ruskin Dr.; Glen Sargent and Brandi M. Sargent; $149,500

7690 Burkey Dr.; Rothen Bedford and LaMarRue Bedford; $129,000

6845 Bartlett Rd.; Frank R. Applegate; $128,000

6534 Ethan Dr.; Jennifer L. Goodwin and Dominic O. Goodwin; $122,900

3118 Earlington Ln.; James R. Strapp and Kylie R. Martinez; $125,900

1729 Pickering Dr.; John Runyon and Kenneth H. Henry; $125,900


678 Southbluff Dr.; Jay C. and Michelle Sutliff; $374,420

6658 Hermitage Dr.; Shawn Kielian; $355,000

6658 Hawksnest Ct.; Brian and Khirrah J. Domask; $342,000

65 Emerald Xing.; Roger D. and Dana H. Campbell; $453,220

6436 Meadow Glen Dr.; Ann Marie and Douglass C. Kurtz; $525,000

63 Emerald Xing.; Neil B. and Kathryn A. Baughman; $377,590

5887 Highland Hills Dr.; Andrew G. and Melissa J. Silverman; $412,900

5814 Highland Hills Dr.; Thomas J. and Chris L. Potkanowicz; $435,000

561 Legacy Dr.; Katherine A. and Jason R. Shelton; $275,000

5380 Covington Meadows Dr.; Daivd W. Fouch; $266,400

4826 Royal Birkdale Dr.; Shana A. and William C. Heckel; $531,928

471 Westgreen Ln.; Michael J. Christner and Melissa Marshall; $185,000

4699 Sanctuary Dr.; Baohan Xie and Guizhen Ma; $511,529

88 Marjorie Ct.; Melinda S. Woltz and Michael Woltz; $150,000

777 Bigham Ridge Blvd.; Rachel M. Stanley and Richard B. Stanley; $379,000

730 Bigham Ridge Blvd.; Alan Williams and Elizabeth Kimball Williams; $430,312

6893 Bethany Dr.; Jacqueline N. Ramler and Darren C. Ramler; $261,000

642 College Crest Rd.; Kenneth W. Deeter and Laura L. Deeter; $222,000

6180 Upper Albany Crossing Dr.; Chris W. Hogan and Patricia Lynne Hogan; $233,000

6169 Dajana Dr.; Cassidy E. Jones and Corey M. Jones; $268,734

5952 Seager Dr.; Kevin R. Benson and Abe Jacob; $255,000

5548 Benpatrick Ct.; Dawn Minturn; $224,900

5226 Bardwell Ln.; Bradley C. Berkebile; $237,000


7676 Arapaho Ct.; Nathan A. Lawson; $200,000

7609 Deer Creek Dr.; Amanda Murphy and Robert Murphy; $211,000

6823 McCord St.; Linda F. Wead and Robert L. Wead; $299,000

6027 Linworth Rd.; Frances E. Silverman; $239,900

469 Dark Overlook Dr.; Misty D. Barker and Justin Grove; $207,500

395 Riley Ave.; Christoph A. Roedig and Nicole Marie Roedig; $365,000

335 E. North St.; Michael A. McGuire and Debra Patterson McGuire; $205,000

Canal Winchester

6915 Spring Bloom Dr.; Catrin L. Thomas; $140,400

6856 Riding Trail Dr.; Terrance J. Horrigan and Paul C. Horrigan; $125,000

6854 Willow Bloom Dr.; Andrea N. Saxour; $136,000

5777 Winshire Dr.; Emily A. Sweeney and Anthony J. Sweeney; $148,000

5023 Coconut Dr.; Lance A. Householder; $150,000

3910 Willow Branch Dr.; Whitney Mattingly and Donnalyn Watson; $184,110

3511 Countryview Dr.; Cathy L. Johnston; $130,000

22 Walnut View Ct.; Erik A. Feinstein; $144,000

124 W. Columbus St.; David Craycraft and Christine Craycraft; $128,000

Grove City

6269 Brookmeade Ct.; Jane A. McCaffrey; $266,000

5975 Grant Run Pl.; Mark R. Evans and Lori J. Evans; $300,000

5900 Blue Star Dr.; Brian K. Daniels and Angela D. Daniels; $318,433

5836 Copper Ct.; Robert L. Rabe and Deborah F. Rabe; $239,900

5836 Blue Star Dr.; Mary E. Thomas and Dwaine L. Thames, Jr.; $360,296

5750 Birch Bark Circle; Jeffery S. Wright and Barbie Jo Wright; $219,900

5694 Grove City Rd.; Othman J. Jallaq; $450,000

5465 Rensch Rd.; John W. Willing and Rebecca E. Willing; $300,000

5232 Bradstone Loop; Tisha L. Baker and Gary D. Johnson, Sr.; $266,120

5212 Bradstone Loop; Michelle Hursey-Martin and Jason Martin; $259,325

4930 Adwell Loop; Jon A. Rogers and Renee E. Rogers; $229,600

3880 Orders Rd.; Anthony Long and Lori Long; $248,000

3300 Belgreen Dr.; Cory M. Fenner and Ashley B. Fenner; $247,900

3270 Harrisburg Georgesville Rd.; Bryan K. Althaus and Erin A. Althaus; $385,000

2992 Crabapple Pl., Unit 9; John M. Sapp and Carolyn L. Sapp; $239,900

2840 Longridge Way; Jeremy M. Smythe and Heather L. Smythe; $367,000


84 E. Como Ave.; Seth Robert Trance and Annie Bontgrager Trance; $310,000

187 and 189 W. Pacemont Rd.; Mario Vincencio, Vilma B. Vicencio aka Vilma Vicencio, Angela A. Vicencio and Gabriel E. Vincencio; $245,000

145 E. Pacemont Rd.; Sophia Y. Lai; $250,000

German Village

645 City Park Ave.; Kortney J. Keith; $255,000

610 Mohawk St.; Joseph Mikes and Katherine Mikes; $695,500

507 Forest St.; Vida B. Farwana; $210,000

448 E. Kossuth St.; Tyler R. Allen; $230,000

395 E. Kossuth St.; Jonathan P. Stegner and Michelle M. VanSchaik; $279,900

261 and 263 E. Blenker St.; Robert W. Ellis; $230,000


812 Vernon Rd.; Josh B. Bricker and Jennifer A. Bricker; $230,000

3197 Elbern Ave.; Amy R. Jones and Gaitlyn M. Corman; $217,900

22 S. Parkview Ave.; Corey Goldsand and Lisa Goldsand; $708,000


1832 Kenny Rd.; Michael P. Walsh and Kathryn K. Penwell; $205,501

1696 King Ave., Unit 1696; Jeffrey A. Schoener and Stephanie H. Schoener; $209,900

1356 Eastview Ave.; Lois J. Kellough; $308,900


84 E. Como Ave.; Seth Robert Trance and Annie Bontgrager Trance; $310,000

187 and 189 W. Pacemont Rd.; Mario Vincencio, Vilma B. Vicencio aka Vilma Vicencio, Angela A. Vicencio and Gabriel E. Vincencio; $245,000

145 E. Pacemont Rd.; Sophia Y. Lai; $250,000

74 Glencoe Rd.; Michelangelo Coletta; $325,500

550 Garden Rd.; Robert Derham; $234,000

3635 Olentangy Blvd.; Bradley Steinmetz and Jennifer Schlueter Steinmetz; $379,000

220 W. Schreyer Pl.; Edward A. Yu and Linda Leung; $226,000

166 Northmoor Pl.; Richard M. Brack; $355,000

142 W. Schreyer Pl.; Tingting Li and Adam R. Hines; $389,900

Upper Arlington

931 Kenwood Ln.; Ronald Kinney; $200,000

4779 Larwell Dr.; James A. Magnuson, Jr. ad Kelsey L. Magnuson; $258,000

4361 Castleton Rd.; Nicholas L. Lamb and Meghann M. Lamb; $415,000

4329 Kenridge Dr.; James P. Amicon and Jeanne E. Amicon; $210,000

3765 Lindhurst Rd.; Elisabeth R. Harris and Isadore I. Harris; $210,000

2233 Haverford Rd.; Jeffrey D. Glancy and Lauren M. Knake; $539,900

2148 Sandston Rd.; Larry Riegel and Cheryl Riegel; $305,000

5288 Triple Crown Ct.; Kirk Brookhouse; $219,800

3991 Saddlehorn Dr.; Sean Peace and Jacqueline Peace; $260,000

3897 Thoroughbred Ct.; Devin W. Bolon; $220,000

2823 Wellesley Dr.; John R. Tench, II and Elizabeth Tench; $406,000

2710 Canterbury Rd.; Brian Hall and Stacey Hall; $1,000,000

2706 Wellesley Dr.; Brian S. Schwarzkopf and Anna J. Candella; $294,000

2657 Shrewsbury Rd.; Kristine M. Diener; $237,000

2483 Canterbury Rd.; Stephen C. Pennell; $625,000

2390 Zollinger Rd.; Jared L. Myers and Hyla J. Myers; $258,000

1858 W. Lane Ave.; David B. Riehl and Kelly Clifford; $435,000

1355 Trentwood Rd.; Victor Ciancetta and Natalie Ciancetta; $333,500

1192 Shady Hill Dr.; James D. Miller and Raven M. Printz; $232,500

; 43223; Columbus

1818 Arrowhead Dr.; Michael L. Fleming; $45,000

1804 Aggie Ct.; Maia Gardner; $150,000

1595 Garling Ave.; Mark A. White; $42,321

1073 Geneva Ave.; Dwight D. Johnson and Linda L. Johnson; $77,550


997 Ashmead Dr.; Lucas E. Croak and Molly Croak; $310,000

880 Caroway Blvd.; Summer Moses; $258,750

6263 Prairiefire Ave.; Lisa E. Giles; $264,090

580 Clotts Rd.; Gregory S. Raguindin and Maria D. Raguindin; $208,000

491 Springwood Lake Dr.; Brandon Hall and Kimberly Hall; $236,500

372 Kasons Way; Brent Pugh and Kelly Pugh; $454,369

365 Kasons Way; Sarah K. Mahrt and Dustin C. Mahrt; $395,613

211 Academy Ct.; Steven A. Randlett and Michell L. Randlett; $286,000

185 Rivers Edge Way; Jude D. Hammond and Ashley L. Hammond; $312,500

1214 Sanctuary Pl., Unit #34; William M. Tontala; $215,000

Northwest Side

889 Lookout Point Dr.; Matthew S. Koblens; $299,000

8222 Sanctuary Dr.; Joseph E. Daltorio and Anna L. Stuart; $414,900

7587 Grotto Ct.; Nicholas P. Dodson and Sarah I. Dodson; $398,000

6892 Bonnie Brae Ln.; Caroline H. McGraw and Christopher S. McGraw; $422,500

452 Delegate Dr.; Glenn Gettman; $450,000

3594 Skyline Dr.; Todd M. Martin and Michelle L. Martin; $254,900

2654 McVey Blvd.; Monica M.S. Blackstone and Britani N. Blackstone; $246,000

1658 Scottsdale Ave.; Matthew D. Guzzo and Colleen A. Guzzo; $265,100

1278 Cross Country Dr.; Abigail L. Bally and Gregory J. Potter; $266,900