Get your home in the holiday spirit with these stress-free tips for decorating.

For many of us, decorating your home for the holidays can seem like such a daunting task. Most of us will either pull out the artificial tree or visit the local garden store or tree lot to find the perfect tree for your family. Where there's a tree, there is usually a wreath that is hung on the front door or over the fireplace. And that is where many of us stop. Tree. Wreath. Done.

However, all it takes is just a few details to add character, warmth and a sense of festivity to your home. It doesn't require tools, breaking your budget, and it certainly doesn't require re-doing your entire interior decor. In fact, trending in the world of holiday decor is a more simple, clean style, which is great for those of us that don't have time or the desire to embellish every inch of our homes in red and green. And just because it's simple and natural doesn't mean it's not elegant and sophisticated.

Here are a few ideas that may inspire you this season.

• Choose timeless pieces - things you can bring out year after year and that don't lose their holiday appeal. Stay away from fads, such as bright, unusual colors and patterns that will be out of style by next year.

• Wreaths can always be used on front doors and mantles, but adding a wreath or swag to other doors in your home will quickly carry holiday cheer throughout your house. Consider the door of a bathroom, closet, or a set of French doors. And, don't forget wreaths can become instant centerpieces when set in the middle of a table, then filled with candles or a vase of holly and berries.

• Adding brass, gold, or silver items to your existing decor will create "holiday bling". Combining this bling with branches of evergreens, birch logs or a wooden Christmas tree will make those pieces come alive. Don't be afraid to incorporate those sparkly pieces with natural elements.

• Find yourself with too many ornaments? Group them in a glass or wooden bowl which becomes an instant centerpiece for your coffee table.

• Your family dining table is an important part of the holidays, so make it special! Take a small group of evergreens, tie a ribbon around them, and then place them on top of each of your place settings at the holiday table. This can also be done with cinnamon sticks, sprigs of berries, and artificial mistletoe. The use of chargers has increased and non-traditional chargers are all the rage. Whether it be a blackboard, slice of wood or piece of slate, make sure it still allows your guests to eat comfortably during their special dinner.

• Pillows are a great way to accessorizeyour living space. Adding holiday pillows to your existing ones will give your room new life and comfort for the holidays.

• Adding sprigs of holly and /or berries has always been one of my favorite things to do to spice up my home. Setting them in an existing vase, crock or piece of pottery adds instant holiday magic and is super easy. They can be real or artificial! Make sure the berries are red, not a burgundy or dark color. The darker colors will muddy up the room, instead of making it pop!

• Candles are a must. With today's flameless varieties, it opens the door to using candles safely throughout your entire house and creates a beautiful atmosphere that is both calming and welcoming. Don't forget lanterns and hurricanes. They give your candles personality and presence. Candles are essential. You can never have enough.

• And, remember to add a few key pieces such as a family heirloom, a special snowman, or a favorite platter.

It's all about adding the personal touches to what you already have that can turn your home into a festive, cozy holiday haven.

Have fun and we'll see you soon at Oakland Nursery HOME.