We are strongly supporting Stephanie Kunze for the 24th Ohio House District.

To the Editor:

We are strongly supporting Stephanie Kunze for the 24th Ohio House District. The newly drawn district includes most of Hilliard and Upper Arlington, part of Clintonville and several western Franklin County townships.

Our family has known Kunze for over 10 years. She is an honest, respectful, caring person, and our family feels fully confident that Kunze will best represent all families within our community.

Kunze and her family have developed many wonderful friendships within Upper Arlington and Hilliard as they attend church, volunteer and participate in countless family activities throughout both communities. We have seen firsthand the way she balances a busy family life with her many community and public responsibilities. Kunze will be a huge asset to the Ohio House of Representatives.

Many of our friends and neighbors have had to endure a shameful and seemingly endless barrage of negative mail pieces from her teacher opponent completely misrepresenting Kunze and even flat out lying in a few. It has made all of us that truly know Kunze very sad that a teacher would stoop to this low level. That person is teaching our children?

Kunze is a current Hilliard resident and a graduate of Upper Arlington High School with many friends and family within the two communities. We endorse her as the most qualified candidate to represent all of our families and the best interests of the state of Ohio. Please join us in voting for Kunze on Nov. 6.

Gregg and Missy Everett