A parallel can be drawn between Issue 51 and the UA Library levies of the past.

To the Editor:

A parallel can be drawn between Issue 51 and the UA Library levies of the past.

Hopefully, many of you will remember a number of years back the UA library system, with $2 million in the bank, cried poverty and asked the taxpayers to foot the bill for a 1-mill levy allowing for a $25 million capital improvements bond to "further improve" an already exemplary library system.

Fortunately, the taxpayers cried foul and resoundingly voted it down 72 percent to 28 percent. The next year, the UA library system came back with a renewal/replacement levy -- no problem -- and to this day, is operating what continues to be a great library system with a $6 million surplus.

This time around, the unfair and opportunistic practice of double and sometimes triple dipping by many Upper Arlington school administrators rears its ugly head within the already healthily endowed UA school system. The Dublin and Olentangy school districts have achieved the same level of achievement and rating as Upper Arlington but at a significantly lower cost per student (Olentangy, $9,465; Dublin, $13,013; Upper Arlington, $15,172.)

Upper Arlington is a great school system, its administrators, officials and teachers are paid very well and have an exceptional retirement/pension program in place. No concerned taxpayer can in good conscience vote in favor of this levy.

This type of practice needs to stop -- enough is enough! Let's not answer the "cattle call." Let's show how affluent Upper Arlington really is by holding our school system to fiscal responsibility and accountability. It really is OK to vote "no" on issue 51. For more information go to EducateUA.org.

Brian R. Grim
Upper Arlington