We were warned that this would happen.

To the Editor:

We were warned that this would happen.

The story in the Oct. 18 ThisWeek Rocky Fork Enterprise stated that the Gahanna-Jefferson Public School District is facing a deficit of $2 million in 2015, $5.6 million in 2016 and $8.6 million in 2017. Now the administration and school board are going to talk strategies about going on the ballot.

We were warned by the group, Citizens for Responsible School Spending, back in 2011 that the salary structure for the teachers in the Gahanna-Jefferson school system is unsustainable. And here is the proof.

Let me say for the record that Gahanna-Jefferson does not have a revenue problem; we have a spending problem. And since 80 percent of all school expenditures are devoted to teachers' salaries and benefits, that is where the problem lies. And it's not just Gahanna: Westerville, Worthington, Olentangy, Dublin, Bexley and Columbus all have the same unbalanced structure that showers salary and benefits on union teachers that far exceed those of the citizens who are paying the bills through their property taxes.

Gahanna actually has kindergarten teachers who earn over $90,000 a year and can retire after 30 years with 66 percent of their salary. And it's a surprise that we are facing a deficit? If this trend continues, our homes will soon become unmarketable because of high property taxes.

Get ready, Gahanna: Here we go again. And we cannot say that we have not been warned.

Glenn Reid