Are our leaders doing what we are paying them to do?

To the Editor:

Are our leaders doing what we are paying them to do?

I do not mean to single out Gahanna leadership. I perceive that this behavior is ubiquitous. It just happens that I live in Gahanna and am faced with another no vote to another ballot issue asking for more money.

Since when is it that we pay our city executives to constantly spend our city money to sell their need for more money? They keep doing it like a kid in the electronics aisle of the grocery store, whining because mommy says no.

Over and over our money is spent on executive salaries (including City Council) to sell their tax increase plans. Then our money is spent at the county level to prepare for and execute the election. Then our time and money are spent on driving to and from the precincts to once again say, "No more taxes."

It is easy for our officials to continue this annoying pattern ad nauseum, hoping the average citizen will grow weary (like the worn-out mother in the grocery store) and stop fighting City Hall.

Well, this citizen will not give in. I will fight it all the way.

No new taxes. Do your job. Cut unnecessary expenses. Delay projects that can be delayed. Use the difficult-to-operate room divider until after the road projects with grant money attached are behind us. Move the gate on the pool fence using funds collected from pool users. Tell the school to use its voted tax funds to put a paid person at the corner instead of paying $40,000 for pedestrian-crossing signals until we can afford them. The school district can afford it. It could afford all of those solar panels on the high school.

Please don't do the typical and threaten to eliminate that which we need and can afford just to save the frivolous that we cannot afford. Police and fire services are required. A bigger and better bridge at Creekside or bigger and better monitors in council chambers is not.

Until this voter sees that his elected officials are doing what they are paid to do -- make hard decisions -- I will for no new taxes every time. I urge everyone to hold them accountable and do the same.

Herman Belcher