This letter is totally unsolicited by any candidate mentioned below.

To the Editor:

This letter is totally unsolicited by any candidate mentioned below.

As one who has followed Dublin politics for 30 years, I take the opportunity to comment on the upcoming election.

Dublin is a great city and it happened as a result of careful planning by a superb staff and carefully elected council members.

I have to single out John Reiner who is one of the people that has made Dublin what it is today and helped mold the city beginning when it was a village of 3,000 people or less.

Nobody deserves re-election more than John Reiner.

Mayor Tim Lecklider and his fellow council members who are running for re-election have maintained the top-notch quality of life that we all enjoy.

There is no reason to change a winning combination.

It is time to welcome back Greg Peterson who has previously demonstrated hard work, enthusiasm and intelligence as a council member. He went on to be elected as a Judge of the Common Pleas bench in Franklin County where he served with distinction.

Greg Peterson has the credentials and I urge my friends and neighbors to bring him back on council.

Lastly, our good friends Denise King and Charles Kranstuber have previously served on Dublin City Council for many years. They now serve as trustees of Washington Township.

We enjoy the benefits of the township and particularly one of the country's best fire departments and EMS services.

There is no reason to make any change whatsoever. We need King and Kranstuber to remain where they are.

In summary, I am convinced that the best course to follow is the current course with our sitting members of City Council and our sitting members of the Washington Township Board of Trustees.

A.C. Strip