To the Editor:

To the Editor:

The easternmost proposed connection of the Olentangy Greenway, through public parkland owned by Metro Parks in northern Franklin County since the 1960s, has been on their future plans for more than 20 years. The Olentangy bike path could have been completed through to Highbanks Park anytime.

Metro Parks would now rather see the greenway extended awkwardly across a privately owned office building/private school/shopping center parking lot, into the now always very congested right of way of state Route 315, continue too close through our rural Mount Air neighborhood and then on across a volatile high-velocity floodway that cannot be legally filled. Any route being proposed on the west side of the Olentangy River would have to cross the floodway.

The proposed route through public property on the east side of the river could have been built and accessible to the public, many years ago.

There are many obvious reasons why the Olentangy Greenway should not be continued on the west side of the Olentangy River. The real question is why the multiuse path has not been built, safely high on the east side of the river and already available for public use.

Benjamin Knepper
Mount Air