To the Editor:

To the Editor:

I was in a meeting with Whitehall's development director, Zach Woodruff, last fall. In it, he updated me on the city's development plans. When he was finished, I asked him, "But what are you doing for my neighborhood?" He had no response.

Let's look at what the city has done for Maplewood, Collingwood and the streets in between:

* Development has attracted heavy outside motor and foot traffic to our streets.

* More single-family houses are turning into rentals. The rentals have increased instability in the neighborhood, increased crime and led to the deterioration of properties.

* Trash is all over our streets and sidewalks. Two neighbors answered the city's request for volunteers to pick up the trash, but they are giving up on the lost cause.

* The city permits residents to park vehicles and boats in backyards. Code enforcement recently told me that there is one property that has about 15 or 20 cars parked in the backyard.

* The view out my back window on every side is of blue tarps.

Now City Council, in its wisdom, decided to pass a law permitting residents to raise chickens. They put no restrictions or guidelines on the raising of said chickens. They put no limits on the number of chickens. They do not require a proper chicken coop with building standards established, thus opening the floodgates for any hovel or shanty to be built or converted into a chicken coop. In fact, I am told people don't even have to provide housing for the chickens. And does this mean that chickens may be slaughtered in our neighborhoods?

Let's face it: We are not Bexley. If the city wants to allow the raising of a few chickens for eggs, we need standards and we need rules. Otherwise, this is just another nail in the coffin for our neighborhoods.

Jacquelyn K. Thompson