For me, Issue 59 in support of continued funding for Westerville schools is an easy "yes" vote.

To the Editor:

I ask that Westerville voters join me in supporting continued funding for programs for Westerville students on Nov. 8.

My two sons are recent graduates of Westerville North High School, and my daughter is a student at Walnut Springs Middle School. While in high school, my sons received a well-rounded, academically challenging education. Both took AP classes, which allowed them to start college already having earned some college credits. Both participated in extracurricular activities, which gave them valuable experiences outside the classroom.

As a result of these opportunities -- as well as having wonderful, dedicated teachers and caring support staff -- my sons were well-prepared for college. As a parent, I am happy that both are currently doing well academically and are involved students at their universities.

For my daughter, as well as current and future Westerville students, I want to protect and preserve the same challenging academic education along with opportunities for extracurricular involvement.

For me, Issue 59 in support of continued funding for Westerville schools is an easy "yes" vote.

As I see it, Issue 59 benefits both Westerville taxpayers and Westerville schools. Since this levy is a renewal of the 2012 levy, it means no new taxes for the homeowner; it simply maintains the funding that our district already receives. It also allows Westerville schools to generate new revenue because taxes can be collected from new construction.

Since this levy is a renewal, the state's contribution of 10 to 12 percent of the levy amount will continue. If the 2012 levy expires without a renewal, the contribution from the state will go away because of a change in laws.

On Nov. 8, please vote "yes" on Issue 59 to maintain funding for programming in Westerville schools.

Makayla Sampson