Imagine all-inclusive golf, the beach, bowling, theatres, fitness centers and hands-on activities. Sounds like the perfect vacation.

Imagine all-inclusive golf, the beach, bowling, theatres, fitness centers and hands-on activities. Sounds like the perfect vacation.

This may be the perfect vacation, but it can also be a permanent vacation once you retire. Regardless of whether you're sending your first high school grad off to college, or you've been without kids for a while, take a moment to consider your future as an empty-nester.

According to Inman News, about 10 percent of past retirees have chosen to relocate. With baby boomers, we're expecting those numbers to increase to around 20 percent. Before you decide to turn your college-bound, young adult's room into that home exercise area you've always wanted, contemplate what you're really looking for in a home now that your kids have left the nest.

If you're a baby boomer, you're part of an active generation. Unlike your parents, you prefer a lifestyle that allows you to keep learning and moving forward after retirement. Volunteering, building, seeking business ventures and other activities are still highly appealing for your generation. To you, retirement doesn't necessarily mean sitting still. Instead, you'll want to do all the things that time never allowed.

As you contemplate what's next, you may want to consider whether you are part of the 20 percent of boomers who choose to relocate once they reach empty-nest status. Studies show that when looking for a retirement home, baby boomers are highly influenced by amenities and location.

Moving to a condo is a traditionally attractive venture for retirees. For one thing, there's no need to worry about yard and home maintenance. That's why many empty-nesters are downsizing while still upgrading their housing situation. Swanky urban condos support a boomer's active lifestyle. If a hip, urban feel is what you're going for, consider relocating downtown. On the flip side, are you looking for a community? Is it important for you to be within walking distance to restaurants, shopping, the library and drug store? These are important questions to take into consideration when purchasing a retirement home.

Inventory your interests, activities and annoyances. Maybe a close-knit suburban community or possibly a +55 active adult community is more your pace.

Retirement developers are on top of these trends. Builders are customizing condos to fit empty-nest lifestyles for boomers. Specialized builders will inventory the positives of your previous home and then try to replicate them in a custom-built condo so you can have the best of both worlds. Developers are implementing art studios, larger kitchens, exercise facilities and socializing spaces into the blueprints of these detail-focused communities. By doing this, developers hope to capture, engage and house the growing number of baby boomers relocating after retirement.

For the first time in a while, take a moment to rediscover your interests and create a plan for your future living situation. You have the potential to create a perfect, permanent vacation to accommodate your personal lifestyle. If you're interested in more relocation information for empty-nesters, contact your local agent today.

Harley E. Rouda Jr. is the CEO of Real Living, one of the nation's fastest-growing real estate companies.

Harley E.

Rouda Jr.