The Wine Guy's wine world is about to get twice as big.

The Wine Guy's wine world is about to get twice as big.

Craig Decker, who owns the Wine Guy's Wine Shop in Pickerington, is putting the finishing touches on his newest store, slated to open at the end of June in Gahanna's Creekside development.

Decker said it will be a near carbon-copy of his original store, having about the same square footage (3,410), 2,700 brands of wine and the same menu and color scheme. The new store, which will face Mill Street, will seat 100 inside and another 22 on the patio overlooking the fountain.

He said he's working on a Grove City location, which could open next year.

Decker's store has served as a template for other wine stores in the area, including the Winery in Lewis Center and the Wine Cache in Granville.

Mary Jo and Joe Milano Jr. didn't have to look far when naming their new restaurant.

Their daughter, Daniela, 17, agreed to be part of the title, with one condition.

"She didn't mind as long as we didn't put her picture up," Mary Jo Milano said.

Caffe Daniela -- "caffe" being the old-world spelling -- is the couple's latest restaurant, set to open mid-June at 893 High St., Worthington. It takes over the old Fletcher's storefront.

The couple currently owns Milano's, an Italian Experience, in Gahanna.

The two will share some similarities: a casual atmosphere, counter service and inexpensive food.

Joe Milano said they are waiting for display cases and a front counter, imported from Italy.

"I thought it would make a really nice appearance here," Milano said.

Chris and Dena Poulias are returning to the restaurant business.

The former operators of Niki's on Morse Road look to open Mykonos Taverna & Bakery in the Gahanna area.

A mid-July opening is planned for the store, which takes over the 3,000-square-foot storefront formerly occupied by Aladdin's Eatery at 1307 Stoneridge Drive.

Niki's, known for its casual vibe and inexpensive Greek fare, was in business 15 years before it closed in 1999. The building was razed to make way for an office complex.

"So we decided to take a break," Chris Poulias said.

He said his new full-service restaurant will serve homespun Greek cuisine, a multitude of pastries and baked goods, plus wine, beer and "lots of ouzo."

- Gary Seman Jr.

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