Jordan Melchiorre is a safe driver.

Jordan Melchiorre is a safe driver.

Scheduled to do a phone interview, Melchiorre, the drummer for Toronto-based indie rockers The Coast handed the phone to his brother, Luke, the band's bassist, because Jordan was taking his turn behind the wheel of the tour van.

Luke explained that staying on the road was especially important because The Coast was coming off the road, so to speak. The band was headed to Toronto for a short visit home before heading back out on tour - which is where they've spent most of the last year.

"It's been insane," Luke Melchiorre said. "No rest for the wicked."

The Coast's recent career, as explained by Luke, is one of apparent dichotomies.

The first is that, while the band has gone from headlining to opening act gigs, members are happy with the change. Turns out the quartet is playing bigger venues, with bigger audiences.

"Before, it was hit and miss," Luke said. "Now, every night there's a guaranteed draw. It's encouraging."

Those larger audiences have inspired the band's latest work as well, he explained.

"(Expatriate, the band's brand new CD) was made in the crucible of constant touring," Luke explained. "The songs are direct, designed to play to people. We were writing songs we'd enjoy playing live."

The dichotomy here is that Expatriate is the band's first with label (Aporia Records) backing, and yet the band simplified its approach.

"We had developed a formula over the previous three to four years and we found it had run its course," Luke explained. "We felt a real desire to broaden our palette. This record is a lot more raw."

The Coast has also enjoyed the benefit of having several of its songs picked up for use on television, most recently by MTV's Exiled.

"There was a time when if your songs were 'commercial,' you would lose your 'indie cred,'" Luke said. "But the game has changed. (Television) is a way for bands to get exposure that's not dependent on radio.

"Although it is kind of strange to have our song on a show about spoiled teenagers," he joked.