Bexley City Council members agreed Tuesday to table an ordinance that would have created a Bexley Land Use Master Plan Commission.

Bexley City Council members agreed Tuesday to table an ordinance that would have created a Bexley Land Use Master Plan Commission.
The committee would be charged with studying goals for city zoning and development.
Council member Ben Kessler, who introduced the legislation, made a motion Tuesday to table it so he could reword the language. Kessler said he plans to bring up the revised version at the next zoning committee meeting on Nov. 25, and then present it to council later that evening.
Kessler said he wants to create the commission in order to have a streamlined plan for the city.
"We have not had one global working document that addresses planning within the city," he said. "The city of Bexley is two (and a half) square miles, and it's relatively landlocked.
"But I think it's appropriate to be revealing in land use patterns in the city. It will help our development department to be more focused and targeted."
Other council members supported the creation of the commission, but some questioned how the city would be held to an approved land-use plan.
Council member Rick Weber said he was concerned about the time spent developing a plan.
"I struggle with this just because it is a lot of effort that requires a lot of peoples' time," he said. "If someone wants to come to town and do something that doesn't fit into the plan, the chances are we are going to adapt to that. I'm hesitant because of all the time, and, in fact, we will probably amend it beyond its structural abilities."
Council member Jeff McClelland said he sees both sides of the issue.
"It seems to me that you do not want to have the commission expire in a year," he told Kessler. "They should meet at least once a year and have the ability to call special meetings as needed."
The ordinance currently states the committee is set to expire on Oct. 30, 2009.
McClelland did say he thinks the commission could be beneficial to the city government.
"Planning is a great idea - it certainly isn't going to hurt anything to do this," he said.
City development director Bruce Langner said adopting a plan as outlined in Kessler's ordinance would allow the city to be more competitive for state and federal grants.
"Right now, unless it's in the Southwest Bexley Master Plan, we kind of say 'No, we don't have an adopted plan,'" Langner said.
He also said a solidified land-use plan would give him guidance on the kinds of development council wants to see within the city over the next few years.
"There is no way for me to speak for council, because council has never developed a plan," Langner said.
In response to Langner's and other council members' support for the commission, Kessler suggested he would re-evaluate the ordinance and present it again in November.
"I think it's (planning) a part of our job on council, and I think we need to be better about it," Kessler said.