Plans are well under way for a new Bruegger's in Bexley.

Plans are well under way for a new Bruegger's in Bexley.

The Bexley Planning Commission held an environmental review earlier this month for exterior improvements at the location, including a new window, door, awning and patio on the east side of the building. The bagel chain will be located at 2510 E. Main St.

Bexley development director Bruce Langner said the planning commission gave basic approval, but Bruegger's has to "come back for their patio and for a sign package if they do something on a pole sign out front."

Bruegger's plans to have a patio on the east side of the building, which faces Cassingham. With planning commission approval, there will be a patio with an awning between the building and the sidewalk.

"I heard that the high school kids were really looking forward to having it there for lunch hour," Langner said. "They will be able to walk to it because it's right on Cassingham."

Bruegger's had a location in Bexley before. It closed in 2001.

Langner said there are 23 restaurants, ice cream parlors or coffee shops in Bexley, 16 of which have outdoor seating.

"It is something we encourage our restaurants to have," he said. "It encourages a lot more life on the street and makes a more pedestrian friendly community."

Bruegger's is projected to open in late March or early April. A special meeting was held by the planning commission in January so work could get started, Langner said.

Company officials first presented a concept plan at the December planning commission meeting, hoping to get some feedback.

"They have been working with us since October or November," Langner said.

Bexley building department manager Kathy Rose said Bruegger's will install a 36-foot-long patio on the east side of the building. There is eight feet between the sidewalk and the building, but three feet is city right-of-way.

The company will need to get permission from city council to encroach the right-of-way, with a recommendation from the planning commission. Rose anticipates Bruegger's will present final plans for the awning to the commission in February. The planning commission meets Feb. 23.

In January the commission approved signage on Main Street, the door and a window that can be propped open on the east side of the building.

The commission approved "anything that would have delayed construction," Rose said.