The economy is having an impact on one Bexley City Council member.

The economy is having an impact on one Bexley City Council member.

Robyn Jones announced at the Feb. 24 council meeting that she will resign by the end of the month, but hopes fellow council members reappoint her.

"I'm resigning my position on city council, but doing so reluctantly," she said.

Jones said she must retire from all public service to start receiving her state retirement benefits. She previously worked for the Columbus school district and the Ohio Department of Taxation.

Jones had been working as a consultant in her brother's law firm for the past year, but because of the economy the firm no longer needs her services.

She is paid $160 every other week as a Bexley council member and contributes to the Public Employees Retirement System. She said that her council salary is not a living wage and she needs access to her retirement benefits.

She learned this week that she would have to resign from council to receive the benefits, but could be reappointed.

If she is reappointed, future retirement contributions would be deferred to a separate annuity until she is finished with public service, Jones said.

Council president Matt Lampke said he would discuss the issue with the other members. The finance committee met in executive session Feb. 24 to discuss Jones' reappointment request.

City attorney Lou Chodosh said there is nothing in the city charter that deals with Jones' request.

If someone resigns, council has 60 days to appoint a replacement. If council members don't appoint a replacement within that time frame, the mayor can appoint someone.

"There is nothing about reappointment," Chodosh said. "It is up to city council to decide what process to follow."

Chodosh said council can create a process and determine whether to seek other qualified applicants along with Jones, or decide to reappoint her.

Jones was disappointed about having to resign.

"I knew about the situation at the beginning of the month," she said. "I hoped it was possible to continue my term."

When asked if she had been planning to run for re-election, Jones said she was eager to see how the reappointment process plays out.

"Absolutely I had planned to run again," she said. "I am serious. I want to be here."