Robyn Jones' involvement with Bexley won't end with her city council term.

Robyn Jones' involvement with Bexley won't end with her city council term.

Jones serves on the city's land-use commission, the Bexley Historical Society board of trustees and the recently formed charter review commission. She plans to stay involved with those organizations after her council term expires at the end of the year.

At the Dec. 15 council meeting, Jones' last, council members paid tribute to her four years of service.

Ben Kessler said he has enjoyed having Jones serve on his land-use commission, adding that she has a great sense of humor and is hard working.

"She always has the city of Bexley at her core," he said. "I will miss working with her (on council)."

Jeff McClelland also thanked Jones for her dedication to Bexley. He said when Jones was sworn in four years ago, she invited her brother, Gary, to the ceremony. Her brother asked McClelland to "take care of his little sister," but she didn't need to be taken care of, McClelland said.

"She has done a terrific job," he said. "I'm going to miss her."

Jones said a couple of projects stick out in her memory: the construction of the new swimming pool and the new police station.

"We were at a place with the old pool that we could not continue to operate the pool," she said. "That is such a key element to the community so important to so many people."

One of the first things Jones did as a council member was to take a tour of the old police facility, and she was surprised by its condition. She said the city needed to build a new police station to keep the quality officers it has and to attract new officers.

Jones also is pleased that council has reined in spending the last four years.

Her advice for new council member Richard Sharp is "to do your homework and listen to the residents," because they have a lot to contribute.

"There are so many people willing to step up," Jones said. "Continue to tap those resources and make sure everyone knows their voice is heard and you appreciate their participation."

The most surprising part of serving on city council was the amount of time involved, Jones said. She said there are many extra meetings outside of the regular council meetings, and a ton of preparation is needed for all meetings.

"We do a lot of homework before we attend a meeting," Jones said. "Everyone on council takes that responsibility seriously."

The biggest issue facing the city will continue to be the budget, said Jones, who added that aging infrastructure also will continue to be a challenge.

"I can't emphasize enough (how) our infrastructure needs to be replaced because it is so old," she said.

Jones said she was interested in city government in high school but wondered if it would keep her interest over time. A practicing attorney, she said she enjoyed her opportunity to give back to the community.

"The more I got involved, the more interesting it became," she said.

She said she would miss relationships with fellow council members, city staff and residents. Bexley is not a community that enjoys controversy, but one where people listen to all sides before making a decision, she said.

"Everybody has been terrific to work with," Jones said.