Columbus School for Girls is partnering with the state to be the host site of the Momentum 2010 Young Women's Summit on March 7.

Columbus School for Girls is partnering with the state to be the host site of the Momentum 2010 Young Women's Summit on March 7.

The summit is being held in conjunction with the Momentum 2010 Ohio Women's Summit scheduled for March 8 at the Vern Riffe Center.

Momentum 2010 is being coordinated by Ohio first lady Frances Strickland and the Governor's Office for Women's Initiatives and Outreach.

The goals of the summit include bringing together a diverse group of women; celebrating the potential of girls; honoring the accomplishments of women; increasing awareness of resources available to Ohio women; encouraging women to choose careers in science, technology, engineering and math; and fostering networking opportunities.

The Governor's Office for Women's Initiatives and Outreach was created in March 2007 to address issues affecting women in the areas of education, economics, health and personal safety, according to director Hollie Hinton.

Terrie Hale Scheckelhoff, CSG associate head of school, said the Young Women's Summit "provides the opportunity for young women from around the state to converse, learn, to plan and to have fun."

There are spaces for 400 girls to participate in the Young Women's Summit. About 100 of those girls will participate in a roundtable discussion called "Let's Talk. Amazing Ohio Women across the Generation."

Speakers for the roundtable include Liza Lee, CSG headmistress; Tazeem Pasha, global markets investment manager for the Ohio Department of Development, CSG student council president Caitlin Fong, Strickland, Hinton and Scheckelhoff.

"It is a real honor to sit next to such amazing and inspiring women," Fong said.

She said representatives will talk about struggles they have faced and how they have handled those challenges.

Fong, who lives in Bexley, said the summit provides an opportunity for young women to surround themselves with successful women and celebrate their abilities and potential.

Momentum 2010 brings girls together from across Ohio to meet new people, hear speakers, be exposed to important issues and look at career opportunities, Fong said.

CSG sophomore Grace Roslovic of Bexley and junior Taylor Sims of Pataskala got involved with the summit after inquiring about CSG leadership opportunities. The students served as committee members and co-chairs of the student volunteer committee.

"Momentum is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for women from around the state of Ohio to come together, learn and celebrate our lives," Roslovic said.

Sims said more than 15 CSG students have volunteered to assist with the summit and others have expressed an interest in participating.

"I feel privileged to have been a part of the design and implementation of the closing program, especially because we actually worked with some of the girls who are going to be attending the summit," she said.

Spaces are still available for the Young Women's Summit. The cost is $5 per participant and includes the day's activities and lunch. To register, log on to