INTERNET ACCESS POLICY-- Updated January 2010

In alignment with our mission Bexley Public Library provides Internet access for cultural, educational, informational, and recreational purposes.

Library computers may not be used for any unlawful purposes including viewing or transmitting material that reasonably could be considered pornographic or of prurient sexual interest. Access to and/or display of obscene language and sexually explicit graphics and materials, as defined in sections 2907.01 and 2907.31 of the Ohio Revised Code, are prohibited.

Unauthorized copying of copyright-protected materials and online gambling are prohibited.

The library does not censor material available through the Internet and is not responsible for its accuracy, currency or propriety. Parents are responsible for their own children's use of all library materials, including the Internet. The library assumes no responsibility for use of the Internet by minors. The library assumes no responsibility for claimed damages of any kind arising out of use of Internet workstations.

Users may not tamper with or attempt to adjust any aspect of computer workstations. Efforts to bypass the security of the library network, or any other computer network connected with the library are strictly prohibited. Users may not download to the hard drives.

Library workstations are shared resources and not for the exclusive or excessive use of a single person. Library staff will impose time limits on use of the computers when others are waiting. Users must conclude all activities on the computer, including printing immediately when the library closes.

Compliance with all parts of this policy is a condition of use.

Source: Bexley Public Library