Who would have thought that a penny could buy a pencil for a kid in Afghanistan or Pakistan?

Who would have thought that a penny could buy a pencil for a kid in Afghanistan or Pakistan?

This has been a great month because we Bexley Middle School students have been working hard to raise money for Pennies for Peace. This organization collects all of the donations that people raise and uses them to help kids in Afghanistan and Pakistan by giving them school supplies. They also donate money to the CAI, the Central Asia Institute, to help build schools for Afghanistan and Pakistan's kids.

This is an organization that is close to many people's hearts because, like me, they probably read "Three Cups of Tea," a book by Greg Mortensen, who tried to climb K2 to honor his sister, Christa who had died. On the way, he gets lost and wanders in to Pakistan and Afghanistan, where he learns that people aren't getting the education that they need.

What Pennies for Peace means is that you are taking pennies that are virtually worthless and turning them in to supplies for kids that need more than you would think. I think that many people, mostly kids, take education for granted. But when we get a chance to read and see how much not having education affects people our age, we really try to work as hard as we can to help them.

A lot of schools all over the world are raising money for Pennies for Peace because we are trying to do the best we can to help kids in need. We need Bexley community members to help with our fundraisers.

Just before spring break, we had a 3K walk/run at the Bexley High School track to raise money for Pennies for Peace. Middle school students, parents, community members and even a class from Montrose went once around the high school track, once around the building complex on the streets, and then once around the track to finish up.

We hosted a drive-through for Pennies for Peace on the same day.

If you want to make a difference in a kid's life by just using a simple penny that is sitting in your car or in your house, you can still donate by dropping your change at the middle school office, 300 South Cassingham Road.

I think that life is too short, and since life is short, we should try to help the people that need it so they can have a good life and have all of the opportunities that we have to have a better life and to get the education they need. It also makes people feel better a lot of times when they know they have helped people have a better life.

So the next time you see a penny, think about how successful you are and how many people are in desperate need of help. Then make the right decision and donate to Pennies for Peace.