For Allyson Morena and Stuart Hunter, Bexley is home to not one, but two thriving small businesses.

For Allyson Morena and Stuart Hunter, Bexley is home to not one, but two thriving small businesses.

The couple live in German Village with their two sons, ages 8 and 5, but decided to open two businesses in Bexley this year within a block of one another on Main Street.

Morena runs Piccadilly Modern Play and Creative Cafe, 2501 E. Main St., and her husband opened the couple's third roll: cycle shop location just steps away at 2468 E. Main St.

Piccadilly is a place for children, but visitors won't find the primary colors and loud music that decorate so many other kid spaces.

"I wanted to create a space designed for the parent," Morena said. "It allows them to take the time for themselves and that makes them a better parent."

Morena came up with the idea for Piccadilly -- which is part playground, part cafe and part art studio -- when she got tired of taking her sons to places such as Chuck E. Cheese's and Magic Mountain. She wanted a place where children and parents could be equally creative.

The former office space in Bexley was transformed. Morena cut a 20-foot-wide hole into the floor to create the "Playdium," a stadium-style seating area where movies can be shown but children can move about and play at the same time. A 10-ton air-conditioning unit was moved from the back of the building and that space was turned into an outdoor patio.

"We totally gutted this place. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out," Morena said.

Piccadilly offers coffee, sandwiches and healthful snacks along with classes in Italian, art and music. It also offers birthday parties where Piccadilly staffers do the work.

"The parents don't have to decorate and clean and can actually enjoy their children's party," Morena said.

While most parents stay in the cafe area and work or socialize while their children play or learn, Morena offers a "Parent's Night Out" twice a month, providing child-care for three hours. The children can even be picked up in their pajamas, ready for bed.

"It's all about helping the parents be as productive as they can be," Morena said. "We want parents to leave feeling they got something done, or they're relaxed, and knowing their children learned something and had a good time, too."

Piccadilly is all about creativity and multi-tasking, Morena said. One day, a mobile car-detailing service was on hand, providing an opportunity for parents to have their cars washed while they were inside working or interacting with the little ones.

One of the most popular classes so far has been "Messy Paint."

"We've painted with pudding and we've painted with spaghetti," Morena said.

Many of the classes are taught by stay-at-home parents who are reconnecting with old careers or passions by teaching at Piccadilly.

Morena's mother, a former art teacher, teaches a weekly class.

Both businesses are the realization of longtime dreams for Morena and Hunter.

The first roll: opened in 2005 on Polaris Parkway and another followed on Lane Avenue. Hunter decided to move the Easton roll: location and thought Bexley would be the perfect fit.

"We've always enjoyed support from the Bexley community at all of our shops and the Main Street location seemed like a perfect fit," Hunter said. "We're right in the heart of Bexley. I'm thrilled that we made the move."

Juggling two small businesses and raising two sons isn't easy, but Hunter said the most challenging aspect is "also the most rewarding."

"I get to be in charge of my time now," Hunter said. "I joke that I still work 80 hours a week, I just get to decide which 80 they are."

The couple said they hope to be a part of the Bexley community for many years to come.

"When you start walking down Main Street, you see a lot of possibility," Morena said.

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