The Canal Winchester Board of Education approved contract renewals for seven administrators last week.

The Canal Winchester Board of Education approved contract renewals for seven administrators last week.

None of the contracts include stated raises but three do include step increases that will increase the amount of money those administrators receive over the life of the contracts.

Superintendent Kimberley Miller-Smith said administrator contracts must be approved and submitted to the state by March 30.

"You can't work without a contract," she said. "And just because you have a contract doesn't mean you get a raise."

She said raises are negotiated with administrators annually but step increases are not considered to be raises.

According to information from the district personnel department, the seven administrators and their current annual salaries are:

Winchester Trail Elementary School assistant principal Michael Bruning, $90,792

Technology coordinator David Dewese, $95,418

Assistant Superintendent Barb Harrison, $110,778

Canal Winchester High School assistant principal Kirk Henderson, $89,586

Student activities coordinator Kent Riggs, $88,078

Transportation supervisor Bev Hockman, $69,136

Maintenance supervisor Todd Schockling, $67,599

Board members approved five-year contracts for Bruning, Dewese, Harrison and Riggs. The board approved a three-year contract for Henderson and two-year contracts for Hockman and Schockling.

Only Henderson, Hockman and Schockling will receive step increases. The others are already at step 10; Stacey Williamson, administrative assistant to Harrison, said wage step increases are built into the contracts but cease after an employee reaches step 10.

Henderson is at step seven, Hockman at step six and Schockling at step five.

According to district salary schedules, administrators can receive step increases in pay every 240 or 260 days, depending on the contract.

Henderson's annual salary will increase to $91,094 about eight months (240 days) after Aug. 1, 2009. It will increase to the next step of $92,905 and again to $94,713 during the three-year term of his contract. At that point, Henderson will reach step 10.

Hockman's salary will increase to $70,672 after Aug. 1, putting her at step seven. Before her contract ends, she will have one more step increase to $72,208.

Schockling will receive two step increases over the two-year term of his contract: to $69,136 in August and again to $70,672 after another 260 days, which will place him at step seven.

Williamson said board members last approved a raise of 3 percent for all district employees in May 2007.