To the editor:
Every time I hear someone in support of the upcoming school levy, they say, "This is not a new tax, it is a renewal." Well, the original levy was for two years and this "extension" is for three years. How can this not be a new tax? The facts seem to be misrepresented. I urge all to look into how the district is spending our tax dollars and ask yourself, is this being a good steward of my money?
Last year my property tax to Fairfield County was $4,390. Canal Winchester Local School District received 70 percent of that, or $3,111, according to the county auditor's office. Keep in mind we also have a payroll tax that goes to the school and most people end up "owing" when they file their income tax. However, getting back to the property tax, to pay the superintendent's salary at that rate it would it would take almost 40 people paying the same amount of property tax I do just to cover her salary.
During a special meeting of the Canal Winchester school board, the superintendent's contract was amended to include $400 monthly travel allowance, or $4,800 a year on top of her salary. It was Resolution 2020-077 dated 25 Aug. 2009.
In regards to administrative Medicare benefits, and under the auspices of an "Emergency Adoption of Board Policy," the school board approved a measure to "Contribute the full employee share of the Medicare benefits effective with the 2010-11 contract year" This includes 100 percent premiums for the "superintendent, treasurer, and all other compensated on the administrative salary schedule." This measure was adopted on July 1, 2010.
There was an increase of two students for the 2010-11 school year. Why is the school district planning to rehire up to 14 teachers if the levy passes?
Revenue from taxes over $15 million. Over $400,000 for school board? Over $28 million for administration. Over $4 million for operations and maintenance. Total revenue $31,626,892 with total expenditures of $33,718,918. How is this being responsible?
Again, I am voting "no" and I hope every one votes their conscience.

Louis Jordan
Canal Winchester