Groveport is eyeing continued revenue increases and development throughout 2013.

Groveport is eyeing continued revenue increases and development throughout 2013.

"We are assuming a steady revenue stream for 2013," City Administrator Marsha Hall said. "We also believe that development in central Ohio is on the upswing, so we are hopeful that we will see some proposed development projects come to fruition in 2013."

In particular, Hall is hopeful the city will see funding approved for the reconstruction of Spiegel Drive as well as a proposed senior housing development project.

"We believe that funding will be approved through the Ohio Public Works Commission grant program for the proposed Spiegel Drive reconstruction project," she said. "Assuming this, the project will be completed in 2013."

The state Route 317 resurfacing, being funded and managed by the Ohio Department of Transportation, will be finished in 2013, she said.

The senior housing project is dependent upon receiving financing through the OHFA, project representative Todd Valentine of LW Associates said. The OHFA offers a competitive funding process backed by federal housing credits.

"This is a very competitive process with about six applications per every one awarded," Valentine said. "We should find out if we're awarded by June, which is when we'll finalize the engineering. Then we'll be able to start construction by the beginning of 2014, at the latest."

The project is planned for Hendron Road and includes cottage-style units of nearly 1,000 square feet, with attached garages, spread across nine buildings. A shelter house, community building and a dog park are included in the plans.

Groveport city officials have approved water rate increases to modernize the city's water facilities and that work, too, is anticipated to be finished in 2013, Hall said.

"The facility engineering and submittal of an Ohio EPA permit to install will be completed in 2013, with construction of the new facility to take place in 2014," she said.

Upgrades that will be more visible to residents this year include new water meters.

"We intend to replace all water meters within the Groveport water plant service area in 2013," Hall said.

Four of seven Groveport City Council seats will be up for election this year. They are held currently by Ed Dildine, Donna Drury, Ed Rarey and Jan Stoots.

Hall said the city staff is looking forward to working with council and expects their good, team-oriented relationship to continue, regardless of who is elected.

"We look forward to 2013," she said. "We believe we have a good working team in place to meet any challenges we may face.

"The emphasis is on the word team - mayor, council and administration are on the same page as to our goals and expectations."