Madison Township residents will have a new trash-hauler beginning Sept. 4, thanks to a contract negotiated by trustees and staff.

Madison Township residents will have a new trash-hauler beginning Sept. 4, thanks to a contract negotiated by trustees and staff.

Local Waste Services will take over hauling duties at the beginning of the month after Waste Management finishes its final August collection.

The new three-year contract will be billed on a quarterly basis at a collection rate of $13.93 per month, per household. Residents who choose to rent a 96-gallon trash cart will be charged an additional $3 per month.

"Senior discounts are available for any head of household that is 65 years of age or older," Madison Township Administrator Susan Brobst said. "A savings of $1.50 per month will be applied. In order to qualify, you must send a copy of your driver's license and a utility bill showing your name and address of the residence."

According to Brobst, this information should be mailed to Local Waste Services, Senior Discount-Madison Township, P.O. Box 359, Groveport, Ohio 43215.

Residents are asked to leave their empty Waste Management trash carts and recycle bins at the curb for the company to retrieve.

"Any existing customers that have a trash cart will receive a new one automatically Aug. 29 or 30," Brobst said. "Beginning in September, the pick-up day will change to Tuesday; however, due to the upcoming Labor Day holiday, the first week's pick-up will be pushed back to Wednesday, Sept. 4."

Trash collection may begin as early as 6:30 a.m. and continue through 7 p.m., with only six major holidays being observed. A service guideline brochure will be included with the first invoice. It will outline how those holidays will affect collection schedules.

Any residents who want to either add a rented trash cart to the new service or discontinue rental of a trash cart should call Local Waste Services as soon as possible at 614-409-9375, ext. 3, or via

"Note that recyclables should be set in a different location than trash," Brobst said. "We recommend setting recyclables and garbage on different sides of the driveway.

"And as before, yard waste must be clearly marked, with brush tightly tied in bundles of no more than 4-feet long by 2 feet in diameter."

Residents are also asked to refer to the service guidelines when considering disposal of large items, such as appliances and furniture, or "white goods," such as refrigerators, which must have the CFC refrigerant removed prior to disposal.

"Residents need to be aware that by law in Franklin County, all residential properties are required to have trash service, and within Madison Township, all residents must use the trash-hauler contracted by the municipality," Brobst said. "It's the township's policy that all trash should be in a closed container. In the event you only put out trash bags, you are responsible for cleaning up any debris from torn bags."