Canal Winchester school officials will be refining the district's future course in 2016.

Canal Winchester school officials will be refining the district's future course in 2016.

In 2015, the district developed a mission statement titled "Empowering All Students for Success."

Superintendent Jim Sotlar said the district will now focus on developing the four separate vision statements that were created to support the mission statement. The vision statements focus on student learning, safety, communication and finances.

"Starting in February, I will put together a vision committee to define the four vision statements we identified," Sotlar said. "The committee will be made up of staff members and community members, all volunteers."

Sotlar said the mission and vision statements will "serve as a compass for all district strategies and best practices."

He said current vision statements involve creating a "culture of learning that enables students to achieve their personal potential,"

In addition, Sotlar said, they aim to provide a "safe and secure environment that fosters student learning and growth" ensuring consistent communication with all stakeholders. The vision statements further are designed to be used in such a way as to "maximize educational opportunities for all students," he said.

Sotlar emphasized that the district will focus on developing its STEM program in 2016.

"We have a solid foundation and will continue to review and revise to ensure we are preparing students for their future," he said.

"Our focus will be on problem-based learning; the four C's -- communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity; rigor, relevance and relationships; assessing and analyzing student data; and integrating technology to actively engage students in the learning process."

In 2016, he said, the district will also begin the process of updating its facilities master pan and start discussions on the possibility of adding on to the high school using the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission segmented option.

Sotlar indicated one of the biggest challenges still facing the district is state testing.