Former Groveport City Councilwoman Donna Drury will serve as grand marshal of the city's July 4 parade.

Former Groveport City Councilwoman Donna Drury will serve as grand marshal of the city's July 4 parade.

Drury, a lifelong Groveport resident who has been active in the community in a variety of ways, was chosen by Mayor Lance Westcamp.

"One of the joys I have in serving as mayor of Groveport is my role in selecting the grand marshal for the Fourth of July celebration," he said. "It is special to me to be able to honor Groveport residents who serve the community in a wide variety of roles."

Drury served on Groveport City Council from January 2001 through Dec. 15, 2015.

"In addition to her active role on council, Donna also served as the council representative on our Senior Citizens Board and the trees and decorations committee," Westcamp said. "She also oversaw the Groveport-Madison Human Needs summer lunch program for school-age children.

She also is a member of the board of trustees for the Groveport Madison school district's Cruiser Academy.

"Donna has served every age group of Groveport, from school-age children to senior citizens," Westcamp said. "This is a small way that we can honor her lifelong achievements."

For Drury, being asked to serve as this year's parade's grand marshal was a "wonderful honor," she said.

"When Mayor Westcamp told me that I was going to be grand marshal of the Groveport Fourth of July parade, I was speechless," Drury said. "I am a graduate of Groveport Madison High School and grew up here in Groveport.

"It is unbelievable that I have been given this honor from a community that I love so much."

She said she "loved serving the residents of Groveport" during her 14 years on Groveport City Council.

"I had to resign from council due to a change in the Ohio Public Employees System health insurance coverage. It was a very difficult decision because I loved serving the residents of Groveport," she said.

"While I was on council, we passed legislation to bring our wonderful recreation center to the community, purchased the Links of Groveport Golf Course and brought the great restaurant in, the Paddock Pub and Links Event Center."