As part of an administrative realignment, the Groveport Madison Board of Education agreed July 13 to hire a deputy superintendent and to approve a variable compensation plan for district administrators.

As part of an administrative realignment, the Groveport Madison Board of Education agreed July 13 to hire a deputy superintendent and to approve a variable compensation plan for district administrators.

John Hurd, who has been director of district student services since 2014, will fill the deputy superintendent's post that has been vacant since Bruce Hoover left it to become superintendent in 2010.

The board approved a three-year contract with Hurd, effective Aug. 1, that sets his base salary at $119,500 annually.

Hoover said Hurd will oversee all district operations departments, including human resources, student services, custodial and maintenance services, transportation and technology as well as district construction projects.

"John has held several positions of increasing responsibility within the district," Hoover said. "He has considerable knowledge of the district and its operations, and has been integral to the oversight of our school and district construction program.

"I'm absolutely confident John will help us to achieve our goal of becoming more efficient, effective and customer-service-oriented."

Hurd joined the district in 2010 as an assistant high school principal. In 2012, he was named principal of Middle School Central. As director of student services, he currently is in charge of student discipline, school safety, transportation and construction of the District Service Center.

Prior to his work at Groveport, Hurd was a physical education and health teacher at Nelsonville-York High School and Junior High for 18 years. He also served for three years as the Nelsonville-York High School athletics director and one year each as a teacher at Nelsonville-York Elementary School and the Athens County Educational Service Center.

Hurd earned his bachelor's degree from Bluffton College and his master's degree from Ohio University.

"In promoting John, we have not increased the number of administrative positions within the district, we have given John added responsibilities, which warrant the promotion to fill the previously vacant deputy superintendent's positon," Hoover said. "This move is part of a larger effort to realign responsibilities within the district's administrative office, which are aimed at streamlining our operation and improving customer service."

Compensation plan

One change that will affect current and future administrators is the way raises are decided.

Hoover said Groveport Madison has typically been the lowest or second-lowest-paying school district for administrative salaries in central Ohio.

"It is not and will never be our desire to be the most generous compensation, but we need to be at least competitive to attract and retain our quality leaders," Hoover said.

"We want an incentive-based compensation plan that will motivate our administrative leaderships to grow personally and achieve specific results for our students," he added.

Hoover said the variable compensation plan approved by the board "will keep us in the lower half but will help us attract administrators."

The administrative compensation system will be performance-based and will focus on administrators' ability to achieve four district goals.

"Those goals will be built around ways to recognize significant improvement in student achievement; improve school district climate and mutual respect among stakeholders - our community; encourage community outreach and engagement; and improve efficiency, effectiveness and customer service in our buildings," Hoover said.

Examples of salary ranges under the variable compensation plan, according to information from the district, include the following:

* The current salary range for a supervisor in the Groveport Madison district is $50,082 to $60,815. The goal is to increase that range to between $50,082 and $68,000.

* A high school principal currently earns between $101,024 and $110,575 per year; under the variable compensation proposal, that would increase to between $101,024 and $117,880.

* An assistant high school principal can now earn between $89,147 and $97,554. The new plan would increase that to between $89,147 and $101,993.

* A middle school principal who now earns between $91,794 and $100,452 per year could earn between $91,794 and $107,163.

* An elementary school principal now earning between $89,826 and $98,269 annually could earn between $89,826 and $102,741.